The detente policy and the Helsinki Agreement were cretinous

The latest AmSpec article by Professor Paul Kengor documents in detail why the detente policy pursued by Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Dhimmi Carter was treasonous and bad, as was the Helsinki Agreement extolled by the Pentagon’s current chief Bob Gates:

“It was 35 years ago this summer that the conservative movement found itself in a defining, epic moral struggle not with the liberal left but with the moderate wing of the Republican Party. It’s an issue worth revisiting, not merely because it’s intriguing history, but because it reminds conservatives to always fight the good fight and be willing to stand against the establishment, even when that establishment is the GOP.

Here was the context: Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn had published (in English) his majestic Gulag Archipelago, blowing the whistle on the brutality of the Soviet system, a chilling, lengthy account by an eyewitness, himself a survivor. (See: “Witness: Solzhenitsyn vs. evil.”) It was a stirring demonstration of the power of the pen and truth, casting light upon the darkness of what another unafraid anti-communist would dub an “Evil Empire.”

Pravda judged the masterful testimony “slanderous.” For his transgression, Solzhenitsyn was arrested by the KGB, stripped of Soviet citizenship, and charged with treason. Unable to vanish or shoot him because of his international celebrity, the Kremlin’s thugs, repulsed as they were by decency, expelled the great moralist to West Germany. The writer made his way further westward still, taking residence in the United States — in Vermont.

Of course, everyone in America wanted to talk with him, to be with him, to meet with him. (Well, not everyone … more on that in a moment.) Such attention did not come naturally to the writer, more accustomed to expressing his thoughts in private — in seclusion.

Then came the intense summer of 1975. On June 30, Solzhenitsyn acquiesced to a request from George Meany, the stalwart anti-communist labor leader, to speak at an AFL-CIO dinner in Washington.”

And now, on 2/2/2011, the conservative wing of the GOP is again fighting the liberal wing of the Republican Party, which is worse than the Democratic Party, because it serves for that party as an enabler. Conservative Republicans, led by James Demint, James Inhofe, Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin and Carl Paladino are struggling against strident liberals led by Lindsay Graham, Scott Brown, Richard Lugar, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, and the policies these strident liberals advocate – including an unfavorable START treaty, which liberal Republicans voted to ratify. 31.5 years ago, conservatives were fighting against the unfavorable SALT II Treaty.


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