What to expect from the 2011 CPAC

Today, the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) will commence in Washington, DC, at the Marriott Hotel. It’s scheduled to begin at 9:00AM, DC time, with an opening speech by ACU Chairman David A. Keene. If its publicly-stated planned agenda is any indication, it will be the worst CPAC ever staged, for three reasons.

Firstly, it will likely be a pseudoconservative, anti-military, anti-defense hatefest. A misguided group called “the Committee for the Republic” plans to stage an event under the title “Cut Pentagon spending, strengthen America” – as if defense cuts would lead to a stronger America. (They won’t.) Grover Norquist, the liberal, pro-jihadist, pro-Muslim President of ATR, married to a jihadist, plans to stage a 2-hour tirade (or “debate”) on the question “Should defense spending be open to budget cuts?” Given Norquist’s public statements, including his ridiculous Nov. 30 letter to Boehner and McConnell (which was a litany of lies) and the policies advocated by ATR, it’s likely Norquist will answer the question “yes” and lie to CPAC attendees about defense spending to cause them to favor defense spending cuts. In other words, he will likely deliver a 2-hour anti-defense-spending tirade.

Secondly, concurrently with Norquist’s tirade, a group of Nixon Center propagandists, including the Center’s President, Dimitri K. Simes (a Russian saboteur imported by President Nixon from the Soviet Union in 1973) will stage a debate called “Keeping America Safe in a Changing World”. Given that the Nixon Center advocates disarmament and a policy of appeasement towards the world’s worst regimes (including China), and glorifies Nixon’s utterly failed policy of detente, I can already foresee how will they propose to “keep America safe” – by disarming the US military and appeasingthe world’s worst dictatorships.

Thirdly, CPAC will be co-sponsored by the gay Republican organization GOProud, which supports gay marriage, i.e. reducing marriage to a mere contract between any two individuals. As a result of this issue, but only this issue, many conservative organizations, including the Heritage Foundation, have refused to sponsor CPAC or to attend it.

Not that this is any surprise to anyone who is familiar with the ACU and its chairman, David Keene. Keene is a longtime lobbyist (he’s currently a manager at the Carmen Lobbying Group firm), an advocate of civil liberties for jihadists, and simoultaneously a liberal establishment-type Republican masquerading as a grassroots conservative. In 2004, he endorsed Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey. In 2007, he endorsed Mitt Romney for the Presidency. Since Keene became chairman of the ACU (1984), that organization has betrayed its grassroots origins, its founding ideals, and conservative principles. These days, the annual CPAC it stages is the ultimate annual establishment event. It’s nothing more than an anti-defense hatefest and simoultaneously a lovefest for establishment Republicans such as Mitt Romney.

This CPAC that will begin today should not be called “conservative”.


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