CPAC’11 – worse than I expected it to be

CPAC ’11, which has just ended, was worse than I expected it to be.

As I expected, the Campaign for the Republic and Grover Norquist delivered their long, ridiculous, false tirades against the DOD and defense spending.

As I expected, Nixon Center folks delivered their speeches.

As I expected, Ron Paul’s staff bussed hundreds of RP’s isolationist fans to DC so that they could attend and disrupt the Conference, rail against America and its defense budget, and skew the results of the CPAC straw poll.

As I expected, Ron Paul himself delivered a tirade against defense spending and the military.

What I did not expect was that his fans’ cohorts would behave so badly, in such a hooligan manner, that the media would notice and use this fact as proof of a Civil War in the GOP.

Here’s a video of RP’s isolationist fans booing Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, and calling Cheney a war criminal:

Cheney is not a war criminal. Under President Bush the Younger, he served as Vice President and did not decide about anything. Under his father, he served as SECDEF and did not commit any war crime – he merely led a coalition of over 30 countries that liberated Kuwait.

The fact that RP’s fans booed these gentlemen and called Cheney a war criminal proves that they’re kooks who are unable to debate others in a civilized manner.

When Sen. Rand Paul called for reductions of the military budget, the crowd ROARED in applause. It didn’t shout, it ROARED in applause, even louder than when he called for reductions of other parts of the budget, as if the US military was an oppressor or if it was responsible for America’s fiscal woes. ( Sen. Paul also wrongly claimed that the military budget has “doubled” over the last 10 years. It hasn’t. The FY2001 military budget was $368 bn; the FY2010 military budget was $674 bn and the FY2011 military budget is about the same. To double, the military budget would have to grow to $736 bn.

Luckily, Donald Rumsfeld also attended, and spoke at, the CPAC, and warned against defense budget reductions. He also warned that America’s enemies are not reducing their recruiting, purchasing and training, so America should not reduce her own, and that “isolationism is a  luxury America and the world cannot afford”. And when he said that last sentence, the crowd laudly applauded him.

Rumsfeld acknowledged that at the DOD, as in every other large bureaucracy, there are some wasteful expenditures that can be eliminated, and called on the Congress to stop adding $10 bn worth of earmarks to the defense budget every year. But he also warned against a “peace dividend”.

Here’s a YT video of his speech:

Luckily, the Young America’s Foundation countered the lies of RP’s idiot fans and expelled Ron Paul from its Board. YAF folks should be the ones who will build and run the America’s tomorrow. They represent America’s future. These young American patriots should be listened to.


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