NRO’s Jonah Goldberg again shows how ignorant he is

Not that long ago, I refuted certain ridiculous comments by Jonah Goldberg.

Well, guess what? He has decided to continue to blather nonsense, thus proving that he doesn’t deserve to be treated seriously by anyone.

In this article, Goldberg claimed that Mitch Daniels is “a solid Reaganite conservative”. That’s utter gibberish which is offensive to every real “solid conservative”, including myself. Mitch Daniels is a strident liberal, not a conservative.

Daniels has called for deep defense spending cuts, even though 1) defense spending is not to blame for America’s fiscal woes; 2) defense cuts would weaken the military and thus imperil the US; 3) defense spending cuts would save little money in the short term and no money in the long term (see my previous blogpost). Daniels has proven that he’s also ignorant about defense spending. He claimed that when he was OMB Director it was $300 bn per year, and asked, “Now it’s what, $800 bn per year”?

No, Mitch, it’s not. It was $664 bn in FY2010 and this FY, it’s $685 bn under the ConRes. In both cases I counted both core defense spending and GWOT expenditures.

Daniels has recently caved in to trade unions on the crucial issue of the proposed Indiana Right-To-Work Law. He also believes in global warming and supports cap-and-trade schemes.

He now complains about the federal government’s budget deficits. But it was him, as OMB Director, who replaced large budget surpluses with budget deficits, and when he was OMB Director, he said that “deficit reduction is not the highest priority”. We now see the results of the Bush-Daniels policy of not prioritizing a balanced budget. It was also Daniels, as OMB Director, who oversaw the huge hikes of the budgets of the DOE, Education Department, USDA, DOT, DHHS, and the Medicare program.

The federal spending splurge which happened on Dubya’s watch was started by Mitch Daniels.

Alex Knapp notes that:

Looking at the Republican field for 2012, I’m more than a little disheartened that the most prudent and fiscally conservative contender for the Republican nomination is Mitch Daniels.

The same Mitch Daniels who, as director of OMB, oversaw a federal budget that went from a $236 billion suprlus to a $400 billion deficit.

The same Mitch Daniels who stated that the cost of the Iraq War would be “only about $50-60 billion.” (Actual cost to date — over $800 billion and climbing.)


Now, I’ll be fair. I’m only now starting to look at Mitch Daniels. I haven’t had a chance to review his record as Governor. Maybe it’s an improvement.

But in the past few weeks I’ve heard him bandied about as the “fiscally conservative” candidate, and I have to say the first time I heard that, I laughed.”

Unitedlibert notes about Daniels that:

“his mention of a value added tax (VAT) and a higher gas tax as a potential policy solutions are concerning. Also, Daniels may have made spending policy suggestions to President Bush, and he may have just ignored it. But supporting someone for president that came of the Bush Administration or supported his domestic spending policies is a tough sell for any real fiscal conservative.”

The reason why is simple: Mitch Daniels is not a fiscal conservative. He’s a Big Government Liberal.

Last but not least, Mitch Daniels is stridently liberal on social issues. Recently, he has called for a “truce” on social issues with liberals. I’ve already written here and elsewhere about why this is a downright treasonous proposal. Suffice to say that liberals aren’t interested in a truce, because 95% of their social-issues-agenda has already been enacted, and that fiscal issues cannot be addressed unless social issues are addressed as well. Social conservatism and fiscal conservatism are inseparable. Politicians who, like MD, are unwilling to address social issues, are NOT serious about reducing the size, scope and budget of the federal government.

In short, Mitch Daniels is a strident liberal. No real conservative treats him seriously and if he doesn’t know that, he’s mentally deficient. As for that idiot Goldberg, the less he says, the better. It would be wise for him to just STFU.

By the by, it’s worth noting that a few days ago (on Monday or Tuesday, IIRC), this website achieved a new milestone: 12,000 visits by Readers. Yay!


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