Why Sarah Palin should be the GOP’s nominee

Recently, the utterly discredited liberal columnist George Will, a WaPo writer, argued on the WaPo’s pages that the only Republicans who can win the 2012 presidential election are MS Governor Haley Barbour (the chief author of the GOP’s 1994 victory and of the GOP’s 2009-2010 gubernatorial election victories) and four RINOs: Mitch Daniels, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, and Jon Huntsman.

The Conservatives4Palin group, which runs a website of the same name, begs to differ. One of its prominent members, Doug Brady, has recently written an excellent article explaining, in detail, why Sarah Palin should be the GOP’s nominee, and why none of these 5 guys should be.

Mr Brady’s argument can be summed up thus: On the three key kinds of issues that will dominate the political discourse until the day of the 2012 election (namely: socialized medicine, energetics, and fiscal/economic issues), the vast majority of the electorate opposes Obama, even if, as liberals claim, he is “personally popular”, and wants a Republican candidate whose platform will be a stark contrast to that of Obama’s.

Left unsaid, but rightly implied, was that the American people want a choice between a conservative policy platform and a liberal one, and if they again get a choice merely between socialism (the Democratic version) and socialism-lite, they’ll chose the Democratic version.

Further, Mr Brady argues that while these five guys have been implementing/advocating liberal policies similar (or identical) to Obama’s, or have been staying on the sidelines or played secondary roles during policy battles, Palin has been leading the campaigns against Obama’s policies (not just participating in, but leading these campaigns). Ergo, Palin should be the GOP’s nominee.

I agee with Mr Brady 100%.

The article has been published at:



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