Mitch Daniels’ defenders discredit themselves

On Saturday, my article warning Republicans about Mitch Daniels was posted on AT. Predictably, Daniels’s RINO defenders flocked to AT to defend the dismal record of their “hero”.

One guy who claims he lives in Indiana said that the state’s $1.4 billion budget “shortfall” projected by the end of FY2011 is not a budget deficit, just a budget “shortfall”.mFunny! a budget deficit is not a budget deficit, justa budget shortfall! Hint to that Hoosier: those two terms mean the same

The same Hoosier also claimed that Daniels was not to blame for the record deficits and other big government policies he implemented as Bush’s OMB Director since he was merely implementing the orders of President Bush. That’s akin to claiming that Lavrentyi Beria was not to blame for the NKDV’s crimes, because Joseph Stalin was the supreme dictator of the Soviet regime from 1924 to 1953. This is a ridiculous assumption. Daniels voluntarily joined the Bush Admin, knowing what Bush’s campaign rpomises were, and he voluntarily (and enthusiastically) implemented Bush’s directives, saying that the budget deficit “Was not the highest priority”.

Daniels has also implemented a Big Government socialized medicine scheme as Governor. Vide:

Thus, Mitch Daniels cannot credibly argue for a law repealing the Obama socialized medicine scheme, and thus, he doesn’t argue for such a measure.

Yet others denied that Daniels has called for deep defense cuts, even though he has called for exactly that. He has said that “we’re going to have to dramatically cut everything, including, by the way, national defense”. Those are his words, not mine.

One of his defenders asked a straw man question: should the DOD pay $75 for a toilet seat and and $90 for a hammer? But it doesn’t. This claim is utterly false. The DOD was overpaying for toilet seats and hammers – until 1986, when the Packard Commission presented its report to President Reagan and its recommendations were implemented by the Goldwater-Nichols Act.

Cutting defense spending would be treasonous and bad. It would mean betraying the country, imperiling it, emboldening America’s enemies, neglecting the government’s #1 constitutional duty, and saving only a pittance. Defense cuts would be penny-wise and pound-foolish. After cutting its defense, America would inevitably face coercion or even aggression, and would then have to either rearm and fight a new war at a high fiscal cost, or tolerate aggression. Both options would be more costly than America’s current defense budget or the defense budget proposed for FY2012. No real fiscal conservative can therefore support defense cuts.

Others claim that I’m biased against Mitch Daniels and haven’t spoken out against other RINOs like Gingrich, Huckabee and Romney. The fact is that I have spoken out against both Huckabee and Romney (not against Gingrich – because his political days are over, whether he understands that or not; I’m not going to chase political retirees). Indeed, in 2008, on AT, I argued that Romney (who was then the establishment’s and the pseudoconservative pundits’ golden boy) was a big government liberal. Then, as now, other commenters, including AT’s Associate Editor Rick Moran, condemned me and demanded that I shut up because, supposedly, the establishment and the pundits knew better. Nowadays, Mitch Daniels – the guy responsible for the record deficits of the Bush era, the NLCB Act, and Indiana’s socialized medicine scheme – is the favorite boy of the establishment and pseudoconservative pundits like George Will. And once again, I’m being condemned because I point out inconvenient truths.

The record is clear. Mitch Daniels is a Big Government liberal with ZERO conservative credentials. Nominating him would be a heinous betrayal of every conservative principle. It would essentially mean saying “f*** you” to all conservatives.

And if Republicans are so dumb that they will nominate him, they deserve the landlisde defeat they will suffer if they do nominate him.


One thought on “Mitch Daniels’ defenders discredit themselves”

  1. Zbigniew,

    Thanks so much for the education on the political thoughts and actions in regards to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. When George Will started touting him, I naturally took notice. Since I heard him promote defense cuts, In a speech I forget when and where, my BS radar went into high alert, and agree with you 100% that it is “penny wise, pound foolish.”

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