Defense issues update

Folks, because there are so many defense-related issues being talked about right now, I will, except cases of exceptionally serious offenders or exceptional cases of misdeed or danger, write posts that will deal with several defense issues simoultaneously.

I’ve already written a few such posts, and now, I shall do this as a standard “procedure”.

So, folks, what’s up?

1) A staunchly conservative activist group called the National Republican Trust PAC, led by Scott Wheeler, has announced it will campaign against Scott Brown next year for a number of reasons, chiefly because he voted for the treasonous, downright ridiculous New START treaty, which is a foolish deal favorable to Russia that is now being implemented. This is probably the first time that a sitting Senator irisks losing his seat because of a defense-realted issue.
2) You want to know how the Chinese were able to design and producea stealthy fifth generation fighterplane jet? By stealing American designs and technologies, stealing American rare earth mineral mining equipment (with the permission of the Clinton Administration), and using its own rare earth mineral resources.
3) When Hu Jintao vissited the White House in January, a Chinese composer played the Lang Lang song for him, a song which is offensive to the US and functions as an anti-American “anthem” in China. Obama allowed this to happen.
4) Cables leaked by Wikileaks reveal that the French are (at least according to AMerican diplomats) misleading foreign governments that the lack of export orders for their Rafale jets is the result of American political pressure rather than the shortcomings of Rafale jets. Now, the Boeing F/A-18E/F Su[er Hornet is winning the competition against Rafale in several countries, including Brazil (whose president favors the Boeing fighterplane type) and the UAE.

5) Bob Gates is still unrepentant and believes that no additional F-22s are needed, even though F-15s are obsolete, technologically deficient, and inferior to the latest Russian and Chinese designs.

6) A recent WaPo article by – surprise! – George Will argues (this time correctly) that the most likely wars of the future will be waged in the air and at sea, not on the ground, and most likely in the Pacific Rim, not in the Middle East or Afghanistan. Bob Gates himself might now be subscribing to that belief. The DOD is already developing an AirSea Battle concept, as urged by the CBSA, and has requested funding to, inter alia, buy additional Super Hornets, modernize 150 old Hornets, and develop a next generation bomber type.

7) Recently, a V-22 Osprey proved itself as a valuable CSAR platform in real war conditions, by rescuing the crew of an F-15E that crashed in Libya as a result of malfunction (which also shows that F-15s are obsolete, crappy, and defective). Thus, the V-22 Osprey type once again proved itself as a valuable, necessary aircraft type which can accomplish difficult tasks under difficult (war) circumstances.

8) Although Libya’s dense AAA/SAM network is/was obsolete and therefore coalition aircraft could freely fly over Libya, DOD planners should not assume that every future war theater will be as weakly-defended as Libya. It made such a mistake in the 1990s, after the Persian Gulf War.

9) While long-range-strike weapons such as bombers and PGS systems should be the DOD’s highest priorities, the DOD should also invest more money than it spends now in other crucial platforms: air superiority fighterplanes, cargoplanes, tankers, AWACSes, helicopters, missile defense systems, Burke class warships, San Antonio class LPDs, amphibious assault ships, and submarines.


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