Jim Demint defends Romney’s socialized medicine with lies

As I have learned the hard way, there is no perfect politician. There is no politician who fits anyoen’s ideology/beliefs 100%. There is no 100% conservative politician, not even Ron Paul or Jim Demint. The SC Senator has recently disappointed his supporters with his lies defending Romney’s socialized medicine scheme, which he signed into law with a grinning Ted Kennedy standing just behind him. Below is Philip Klein’s rebuttal of these lies:

“To start with, blaming everything on the Democratic legislature is simply not an accurate account of what happened. Romney helped craft the basic architecture of the health care plan, and pursued it even though he knew that he was working with an overwhelming Democratic legislature who he knew would override his symbolic line-item vetoes of parts of his bill. He signed the bill with Ted Kennedy at his side, and did so knowing he wasn’t seeking reelection and that it would almost certainly fall on a Democratic governor to implement it. After signing it, Romney did a victory lap — boasting of his accomplishment in a Wall Street Journal op-ed entitled, “Health Care for Everyone? We Found a Way.” He defended it throughout his last run for president. In a 2007 interview with Fox during his campaign, he said, “We found a way to get everybody in our state, Massachusetts, insured. I like the plan. I think it’s one of the best things we did in my administration.” He’s  defended the individual mandate for years on conservative grounds, using the “responsibility” argument that was adopted by Democrats. He even declared in one GOP debate “I like mandates.” So it is simply ignorant to portray Romney as an innocent bystander and blame everything on Democrats.

But beyond being ignorant, DeMint’s comments are dangerous. I’ve long argued that the Massachusetts health care plan is not only toxic to Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy, but it could prove toxic to the entire Republican Party. If Romney is excused for crafting and signing the Massachusetts health care plan, it significantly undermines the case against ObamaCare and weakens the effort to repeal it. The reason is that opposition to ObamaCare will start to look increasingly political and less about principle. It’s true that a state mandate doesn’t raise the same Constitutional questions as the federal mandate, but it still is government forcing an individual to purchase a product. These comments are especially dangerous coming from DeMint, who is known as a leading conservative and ObamaCare opponent. Let’s hope it’s an isolated incident and not part of a broader trend.

Indeed, let’s hope it’s an isolated incident. You can read the whole thing here.

See, folks? There is no perfect politician. Trust me, I learned that the hard way in 2008, when several politicians disappointed me.

And by the by, I’d like to make the following fact clear: NO REPUBLICAN POLITICIAN who is on the record implementing, defending, or endorsing any liberal policies, including socialized medicine (be it at the state level or the federal level), cap-and-tax schemes, high taxes, punitive taxes on cigarettes and drivers, budget deficits, bloated government programs and agencies, government spending growth, an oil import tax, or the porkulus, stands ANY chance of defeating Obama. Why? Because no such politician can credibly argue against such policies if he has implemented, defended, or endorsed them himself. In 2012, Obama will have unlimited financial resources with which to make that point, and the electorate will not elect any such politician over Obama. If given a choice between two liberals, the electorate will always vote for the Democrat.



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