Why the intervention against Libya is wrong

Recently, a coalition of 5 countries (the US, Canada, Britain, France, Italy) began an intervention against Libya. Not only is this an utter waste of money, equipment, and flight hours, it’s also a foreign policy mistake.

Firstly, no crucial American interests are threatened in Libya. The US doesn’t get its oil from that country, but rather from Canada, Mexico, Persian Gulf countries, and Venezuela.

Secondly, most of the people protesting/fighting against Qaddafi are not democrats/freedom-lovers, but rather Islamic radicals, including Al-Qaeda terrorists. Qaddafi is fighting against AQ terrorists and other enemies of the United States. So if anything, the US should back him, not the Libyan rebels.

Thirdly, it’s a waste of American equipment, money, missiles, and flight hours.

Fourthly, it’s unconstitutional. Despite the ridiculous claims of the Constitutionally illiterate John Yoo (the co-author with Jay Bybee of the infamous Torture Memos, quickly disowned by the DOJ), the President doesn’t have the prerogative to start wars without the consent of the Congress. Only the Congress can start wars. The Constitution is crystal clear: you are not allowed to go to war without a Congressional declaration of war.

If France, Britain, Italy, Spain, and Canada want to fight this war, let them do it. Sarkozy needs this war to distract the French people from his failed socialist economic policies (in opinion polls, record numbers of French citizens have said they don’t trust him and record-small numbers of French people have said they trust him), so he started it and now, the French are experiencing a festival of patriotism. For the last several days, they’ve been watching their pilots don flight suits and helmets, go to their hangars, hop into their aircraft, and bomb Libya. The FAF has also reportedly scored its first air-to-air kill since the Vietnamese War.

So let the French fight this war. (Not every war is America’s responsibility.)

By the by, did ya folks know that in August 2007, Sarkozy’s France signed weapons contracts with Libya and that when Sarkozy was asked about them in August 2007 in Wolfeboro, NH, he replied angrily: “what am I supposed to apologize for? Creating French jobs?”

And in December 2007, Sarkozy invited Qaddafi to Paris.

So Sarkozy’s credibility is zero.


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