10 principles for a new American foreign policy

America’s current foreign policy is incoherent and ineffective. It’s ridiculous and detrimental to America’s own interests, although beneficial to America’s enemies. It cries out for a change.

Therefore, when a new Administration replaces the Obama government, it should institute a wholly new foreign policy. It should be based on the following principles:

1) No matter what happens and how bad the situation might be, America must always maintain a strong defense.

2) Wars should be waged only against threats to key American interests, not for humanitarian reasons.

3) No wars should be started without a Congressional Declaration of War.

4) American troopers should be present only in those countries where they need to be.

5) The US should help its allies defend themselves, but it should expect them to shoulder the lion’s share of the burden of defending themselves.

6) The US should keep its alliance commitments, including NATO, ANZUS, and bilateral treaties and agreements.

7) The US should seek new allies against new threats and challenges, e.g. India, Vietnam and Chile.

8) The US should maintain cordial relations with all of its allies, making compromises with them when necessary.

9) The US should treat its enemies harshly, and never sacrifice anything crucial.

10) Last, but not least, America’s entire foreign policy must be driven solely by American national interests, not by the interests of other countries or humanitarian concerns.


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