A ME Peace Agreement Proposal

If a peace agreement is ever to be signed, both sides will have to make sacrifices. But a peace agreement should not be drafted in a way which would threaten and eventually undo Israel, because 1) it would never be accepted by any Israeli government; 2) it would be wrong; 3) it would create an imbalanced theater.

Accordingly, the Peace Agreement needs to be balanced. Both sides must therefore make sacrifices.

And if a PA is to be signed, the Palestinians must first return to the negotiating table without any preconditions. Israel cannot negotiate if the other side isn’t willing to negotiate at all.

The Peace Agreement should be drafted along the following lines:

1) Israel will remain a Jewish state; the future Palestinian state must recognize it as such, and recognize its right to exist.

2) Israel will retain the entire city of Jerusalem, and that city will remain its capital.

3) There will be no right of return for Palestinians driven out of Israeli territories.

4) All Palestinian political organizations must recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

5) All Palestinian terrorist organizations must be disarmed and disbanded; noncompliant individuals and organizations must be punished.

6) Israel shall give the West Bank back to the Palestinians; it, along with the Gaza Strip, should constitute the territory of a Palestinian state.

7) Israel shall stop building settlements in the Palestinian territories, dismantle existing ones, and withdraw all of its settlers and troopers from the Palestinian territories.

8) All religious sites in Jerusalem shall be protected and be accessible for believers of all religions.

9) Access to water should be equal and indiscriminatory.


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