On Fareed Zakaria and his Big Government lies

One of the most prominent liberal columnists today is Fareed Zakaria, the Chief Editor of the extremely liberal Newsweek magazine who also hosts a show on CNN.

This liberal columnists has been hailed by some people as a prophet who can predict future events and chart the right course for America. But Fareed Zakaria is actually an extremely-liberal columnists who only repeats the same, old liberal myths that the mainstream media have been promoting for decades.

The reasons why he is continually reiterating the same old liberal myths (e.g. “We have the highest crime rates in the world”, “We have substandard infrastructure”, “we have a lousy HC system”) is because of his liberal ideology and his completely mistaken beliefs about how and why America was created, what the Constitution says, what the Founding Fathers believed, what made America great and prosperous, how the US became a superpuissance and the world’s hegemon, why the US lost these statuses, and how foreign policy works. From these mistakes stem his ridiculous liberal claims on both domestic and foreign issues.

Zakaria is an immigrant from India, and even though he immigrated in 1982, he still hasn’t assimilated yet. He hasn’t learned the above-mentioned truths.

Zakaria believes that the US became a great and prosperous country because the Federal Government became big and made huge investments in education, science, transportation, and other such stuff – liberals’ favorite pet projects. He claims that the US is now losing its status as the world’s economic and scientific leader because, supposedly, Asian and European countries (including China) are making “record investments” in “education, research, and the infrastructure”. He claims that the US federal government should significantly increase its (already-record) spending levels on these items, cut defense spending, and adopt the other liberal policies he advocates.

He also believes that there can be no significant savings on “wasteful, fraudulent, and abusive” expenses in domestic programs, and that the only federal agency which wastes any significant amounts of money is the big bad Pentagon.

What’s wrong with these proposals?

To start with, everything.

The US became a great and prosperous country in spite of the federal government, not because of it. It became a great and prosperous country because of individual entrepreneurs and private enterprise who, until about the 1970s, were largely free to do whatever they wanted, pursue profitable ventures, create wealth, and succeed, while states were mostly free to pursue whatever policies they wanted.

Of course, liberals disagree. They believe it was the federal government and its bloated programs that made America prosperous. They’re wrong. It was private enterprise. Only private enterprise can create wealth and innovate. The federal government cannot.

How did America begin to lose its crown? Because its political class, its federal government, and yes, a large number of its citizens (including all those who feed at the federal trough) have discarded this winning formula and have betrayed America’s founding principles (which were written into the US Constitution). Thus, over several decades, they’ve turned the US into a European-style social democracy, thus bringing the US down. The federal government has created a myriad of bureaucracies and ineffective, duplicatory, wasteful domestic programs, began to meddle with everything it could think of (from education to drugs, to abortion, to euthanasia, to agriculture, to transportation) and has instituted socialist economic policies: massive bureaucracies micromanaging private enterprise, onerous regulations, nationalizations, bailouts, subsidies for unprofitable enterprises, etc. (All of which violate the US Constitution, by the way.)

This is how America began to lose its crown and how America continues to lose it. Presidents of both political parties – Nixon, Ford, Carter, the two Kennebums from Kennebunkport, and Obama are to blame, along with all Congresses of the last 42 years. Only President Reagan tried to reverse these policies – and was furiously opposed by the entire federal establishment, Democrats and Republicans. (For example, President Reagan tried to get the Education Department and the DOE abolished, but the Congress didn’t allow him to do so.)

And how can America regain its #1 status? How can it regain its crown and make the 21st century a new American Century?

The answer is simple: define the role of the Federal Government in line with the Constitution, reduce the size, scope and budget of the Federal Government in line with the Constitution, repeal the 16th Amendment and pass the FairTax, cut off parasites from the federal trough, devolve most programs and issues back to the states (in line with the 10th Amendment), privatize government-owned enterprises, end bailouts, and rein in public employee unions.

The claim that domestic agencies are somehow much more efficient in spending taxpayers’ money than the Pentagon is laughable and ridiculous. In reality, they are even more wasteful than the DOD, as a percentage of their total budgets and in absolute numbers. Last month, the GAO published its report on wasteful, fraudulent and duplicative federal expenses, and discovered that other agencies waste even more money every year than the DOD does, although the DOD got its share of the blame too (the GAO pointed out many duplicative programs, including two mine-rollers, duplicative urgent operational requirement programs related to the GWOT, and duplicative medical agencies which could be merged into a single medical system for the entire military).

Zakaria favors deep defense cuts, nuclear disarmament, and the appeasement of foreign countries. Apparently, he’s still unaware that aggressors prey on weaklings, not strong countries; that nuclear disarmament by the US will not stop nuclear proliferation; and that appeasement of America’s enemies will only encourage them to wage wars against America and its allies.

Cutting defense spending would be a lousy idea anytime, but especially so during these perilous times, when America’s enemies are rapidly increasing their defense spending and strengthening their militaries while Western countries, including the US, are cutting their defense budgets and thus weakening their militaries. For evidence, see, for example, this report by the IISS:

http://www.iiss.org/publications/military-balance/the-military-balance-2011/press-statement/; http://armedservices.house.gov/index.cfm/defense-drumbeat-blog?ContentRecord_id=4f96c0a3-e9f8-4e92-8379-29b31a38c520&ContentType_id=3656d01d-1920-44b6-a520-385c45d19f4e&Group_id=01c27866-262f-49c1-ac39-5242779de598&MonthDisplay=4&YearDisplay=2011

A strong defense is always needed – but especially during these perilous times.


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