What candidate the GOP needs

I’ve been thinking about stuff over the weekend, and I’ve concluded that the most conservative candidate would not necessarily be the best one, whether as a candidate or an actual president.
The GOP needs the most conservative proven under fire candidate. A person who has repeatedly taken on strong opposition and won.
By that, I mean Sarah Palin. And also Herman Cain.
The GOP’s candidate also needs to be a credible conservative CRITIC of Obama’s liberal policies on the vast majority of issues, including, necessarily, the three key issues which will dominate the 2012 campaign political discourse and determine the result of the 2012 presidential election. These three issues are: Obama’s socialized medicine scheme, energy, and fiscality (the budget deficit, the public debt, taxes, etc.). On all three of these issues, the vast majority of Americans disagrees with Obama, even if, as liberals constantly claim, Obama remains “personally popular” (whatever the hell that means).
On these three issues, as all on others, Obama has pursued and advocated liberal policies detrimental to the US economy and its national security. These three issues are Obama’s Achilles Heels, his weak spots which, if exploited mercilessly by Republicans, will cost him the White House next year. But not if Republicans nominate yet another RINO like Mitch Daniels, Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Jon Huntsman, or Donald Trump. Each of these guys is deeply flawed, has implemented or advocated liberal policies on all three of these issues, and cannot credibly criticize Obama on them.
For far too long, America has been ruled by a self-appointed Ivy League educated elite which looks down on ordinary citizens as if they were ignorant idiots who cannot govern themselves. America cannot afford another George-Will-approved liberal Republican presidential candidate who, in the unlikely event that he would beat Barack Obama, would only slow America’s decline and the progress of the liberal agenda. America needs a genuinely conservative president and a genuinely conservative Congress.

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