The Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin (usually called “The Kremlin”) is a large palace complex. So I’ve compiled this list of the most important buildings of the Moscow Kremlin:

1) The Kremlin Senate building

The Senate building is the one which you can see during military parades’ transmissions by Russian TV stations.

This building was built during the 18th century. There is a Russian flag flying over that building.

2) The Grand Palace

Formerly the residence of pre-1689 Russian tsars, the Grand Palace is the building closest to the Moskva river. You can see it during the prologues of Russian/Soviet military parades, and many TV reporters use the Grand Palace as a background.,_Moscow.jpg

3) The Spasskaya Tower (the Tower of the Savior)

This is the tower near the Red Square on which there is a huge clock and inside which there are bells. At the base of the Tower is the Spasskaya Gate (the Gate of the Savior), through which vehicles can enter and exit the Kremlin’s grounds. The Russian Minister of Defense departs this gate every May 9th, shortly after 10:00AM Moscow Time (GMT+3) to begin the review of the troops of the Moscow Garrison before the Victory Day Parade.


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