Russia threatens to withdraw from New START and launch a new Cold War

For years, liberals like Obama, Clinton, Gates (the worst SECDEF America has ever had), and McFaul have been assuring the American people that Russia is no longer a threat to the US, that it’s a solid partner of the US, and that there’s no reason to fear it. They’ve also sabotaged many crucial defense programs which were designed, inter alia, to protect the US from Russia.

In 2009, they gave up plans to deploy missile defense systems in Europe and signed a disastrous New START treaty (unfavorable to the US, favorable to Russia) to appease the Kremlin. They got no concessions in return, but at least they were able to claim they had “repaired relations with Russia”, or so they thought.

Well, they were wrong, because just like Adolf Hitler, Putinist Russia cannot ever be appeased, so a country can never make sufficient concessions to satisfy the Kremlin.

When the New START treaty was signed, President Medvedev and Foreign Minister Lavrov repeatedly warned that developing American missile defenses or deploying US missile defense elements in Europe would be a violation of the treaty and would cause Russia to withdraw from it.

Recently, Medvedev has AGAIN threatened that Russia will withdraw from the treaty if such elements are deployed. He has also threatened a new Cold War and a nuclear weapons buildup if that happens. He has demanded that the West beg RUSSIA for permission to deploy such systems AND to operate them (so e.g. if Iran launches a Musudan-ri IRBM at Europe, American personnel would have to beg Russian officers or Russia’s Ambassador to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, for permission to use these systems).

The latter threats are not credible, because Russia cannot afford to carry them out, but the former threat is credible. (And if it’s carried out, good riddance to that treaty, which isn’t even worth the paper it is printed on!)

But they do show that a country can never successfully appease Russia or make sufficient concessions to satisfy the Kremlin. So appeasing Moscow is pointless.


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