Endorsement of Herman Cain

On May 21st, Herman Cain, the former Chairman&CEO of Godfather’s Pizza (America’s best pizza restaurant network), announced himself as a candidate for the Presidency.

I support him wholeheartedly, and hereby endorse him, for the following reasons:

1) He supports a strong defense.

2) He supports the FairTax and would advocate for it as President.

3) He has a specific, conservative, free-market plan for the economy – on taxes, spending, natural resources, Obama’s socialized medicine scheme, and outcompeting China.

4) He has a track record as a successful businessman who turned around two failing restaurant chains – Burger King and Godfather’s Pizza.

5) As a businessman, he’s able to admit publicly that he’s been wrong and to correct his plans and policies when he should.

6) He’s not hubrical and doesn’t pontificate about issues he doesn’t understand.

7) He would be amenable to getting the US out of Afghanistan.

8) He opposes abortion and same-sex marriage.

9) He’s an authentic conservative, not a flipflopper.

10) Last but not least, HE CAN WIN.


3 thoughts on “Endorsement of Herman Cain”

  1. I too support Herman Cain. I’m not so wide-eyed that I will continue to support him if he makes a tremendous policy gaffe, but as of right now, he’s the man to beat in the primary field. Very exciting times, indeed.

    Cain/Bachmann 2012

    1. Yes, he can, for the following reasons:
      1) He can convince conservatives because of his conservative credentials and conservative policies – and this will be especially easy if Palin doesn’t run or is defeated by him during the primaries.
      2) He can convince independents, because he’s not a politician.
      3) Last, but not least (and this is his biggest advantage, which no other candidate enjoys): he is not a politician, so he has no baggage whatsoever. Therefore, instead of spending all of his time answering questions about non-issues, he will be able to force Obama to talk about the REAL political issues.

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