Doug Bandow never ceases to lie

Recently, the utterly-discredited American Spectator magazine has published an article by the utterly-discredited Doug Bandow calling on the US to appease China, disarm itself, and claiming that China has very limited ambitions and poses no threat to the US homeland and that its ships are not patrolling the waters off American coasts.

Utter gibberish from the ignorant, anti-American, isolationist Doug Bandow. Firstly, the US defense budget constitutes just 3.5% of GDP and the entire military budget amounts to merely 4.6% of GDP, so there is zero risk of the US military bankrupting the US.

Secondly, weapons capable of defeating access-denial weapons are much cheaper than traditional weapons such as carriers. One carrier costs $5-6 bn. One Virginia class submarine costs $1.8-2 bn, i.e. 3 times less. But then you also have to buy all the aircraft for that carrier as well, so its total cost could be $10 bn, which could pay for as many as five Virginia class submarines. They are the quietest submarines in the world.

Thirdly, China DOES pose a strategic threat to the US homeland – not just to Hawaii and Alaska, but also to the CONUS – with its hundreds of ballistic missiles, spies, cyber warfare units, and SSBNs, one of which launched a JL-2 SLBM near California’s cost last year.

Fourthly, the claim that China has not been sending ships near the US coast or anywhere else other than its own coasts is a blatant lie. It has been sending its ships globally, not just to protect sealanes important to it, but also to America’s coast (see above).

Fifth, the claim that its ambitions are limited is also a blatant lie. China claims a large number of islands plus the entire Western Pacific, which it claims is an internal Chinese sea. China is also itching for a war with the US. One Chinese colonel has said of Americans, “we must make them hurt”. Another one promised the US “a hand-to-hand fight”. Hu Jintao has promoted many hawkish generals to high offices. Two generals, Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou, are members of the CPC’s Politburo, although neither of them is a member of the PSC, the highest party organ.

Sixth, the claim that the US and Communist China have shared interests is a blatant lie. China is not interested in an open economy, it’s interested in protecting its own industry and walling it off from foreign competitors. China is not interested in a stable East Asia; in fact, it’s doing everything it can to destabilize it to make problems for the US.

The US should rebuild its military AND sell Taiwan any weapons it needs to defend itself, including F-22s and F-35s.


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