Allen West needs us. Let’s help him!

Folks, Congressman Allen West needs us. His district (the FL-22 District) will be redrawn before the 2012 Congressional election, because Florida will be able to add 2 new House districts due to the results of the 2010 Census. Thus, Allen West needs to get his name on the ballot as soon as possible if he wants to stand in the next Congressional election as a candidate. If he doesn’t manage to file the papers quickly enough, he will find himself out of Congress and unemployed.

For months, many people have been trying to convince him to change his mind and run for the White House next year, which he won’t do, rather than help him do what he does want to do: run for Congress again. He wants to serve the American people in the Congress. It’s time to honor his decision.
Instead of trying to get him to run for President, let’s help him get his name on the ballot and win the 2012 Congressional election. You can sign the petition at:

Allen West is one our best friends, one of the staunchest advocates for America’s defense. While many people have called for defense cuts (on Monday, during the CNN presidential debate, Ron Paul even called for massive defense cuts to fund entitlements), Allen West advocates higher defense spending. We must be loyal to our friends. We must help Allen West when he needs us most.
Please sign the petition, please donate money to him, and if you live in the area which will constitute the planned new district, please vote for him.


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