Congressional Republicans surrender to the Dems, offer BIGGER defense cuts than those demanded by Obama

Congressional Republicans have once again proven that they are, with few exceptions, dishonorable, worthless, spineless worms. How? By capitulating to President Obama and Congressional Democrats on the question of defense cuts and offering almost twice BIGGER defense cuts than those demanded by Obama.

In April, Obama proposed to cut defense spending (not including GWOT spending) by $400 billion over the next 12 years, i.e. by an average of $33 billion per year. But recently, during debt-ceiling talks, Republicans have offered defense cuts almost twice as big, over a period of 10 rather than 12 years, if only the Democrats and President Obama agree to preserve the Bush tax cuts. Thus, preserving the Bush tax cuts is more important to them than funding America’s national defense! And preserving the Bush tax cuts (which did benefit the economy) for a paltry 2 years will NOT mean that there will be no tax hikes of any kind. Republicans have reportedly agreed to tax hikes that will be disguised as “eliminations of tax breaks” and “tax loophole closures”.

The Hill reports that:

“National security spending could be cut by as much as $700 billion in a deal to raise the debt limit, defense sources said.

That’s almost twice the amount President Obama originally proposed.

Obama directed the Defense Department and other national-security agencies to slash $400 billion by 2023. But in the closed-door talks to raise the debt ceiling, larger Pentagon funding cuts have been seriously discussed, several sources said, putting the number between $600 billion and $700 billion over a decade.

A final decision has yet to be made, but the sources said negotiators have not ruled out making deeper cuts than Obama planned.

As the Aug. 2 deadline for defaulting on the debt approaches, GOP members have dug in and said any accord cannot include tax hikes.

Sources told The Hill recently that GOP negotiators are ready to break with recent Republican ideology by trading large defense cuts for not raising taxes as part of a debt-ceiling deal.”

The Hill is wrong, however, to say that providing for a strong defense is only a matter of “recent Republican ideology”. It was also because of the Constitutional REQUIREMENT, stated in Art. IV, Sec. 8, to provide for a defense that will be able to protect each state against invasion. The Preamble to the Constitution explicitly states that one of the reasons why the Constitution was writen and the federal government was created was “to provide for the common defense”.

Yet, as the Hill article proves, Republican negotiators have decided to “trade large defense cuts for not raising taxes as part of a debt-ceiling deal.” In other words, for Congressional Republicans, America’s defense is nothing more than a bargaining chip, something can be “traded” for a promise of no tax hikes. For them, it’s something that can be traded for something else and sold as if it were a mere civilian commodity. Such a policy wrong, despicable, treasonous, and contrary to the Constitution, which, as stated above, REQUIRES a strong defense.

Folks, please call your Representatives and Senators and tell them that you will NEVER vote for them again if they vote for any further defense cuts.;


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