Trivia about GOP presidential nominee and current GOP presidential candidates

Folks, if you review the list of the GOP’s presidential nominees of the past 63 years, you will find some interesting facts:

1) Since 1952, every Republican presidential nominee except Gerald Ford was someone who hailed from a state west of the Mississippi River: Eisenhower of Texas (1952, 1956), Nixon of California (1960, 1968, 1972), Goldwater of Arizona (1964), Reagan of California (1980, 1984), George H. W. Bush of Texas (1988, 1992), Bob Dole of Kansas (1996), George W. Bush of Texas (2000, 2004), and John McCain of Arizona (2008). In other words, the GOP has not nominated any candidate hailing from an area east of the Mississippi since 1976.

2) Gerald Ford was the first, and thus far, the only GOP presidential nominee from a state not west of the Mississippi since Thomas Dewey of New York, i.e. since 1948.

3) All of those nominees other than Ford and Dole hailed from one of the following three states: California, Arizona, and Texas.

4) Several of the current candidates running for the GOP nomination this year, or considering running, are from states west of the Mississippi river: Bachmann of MN, Pawlenty of MN, Palin of Alaska, Huntsman of Utah, Perry of Texas, and Traitor Ron Paul of Texas.

5) Consequently of facts #1-#3, if Mitt Romney, John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, or Rick Santorum wins the nomination, he will be the first GOP nominee since 1976 to hail from a state east of the Mississippi river, first since 1976 not to hail from the four monopolist states I listed (CA, AZ, TX, and KS), first since 1996 not to hail from the first three states, and the first since 1948 to hail from the East Coast (Romney was born in MI, but lives in MA and owns a second home in NH).


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