Ian Lazaran gets owned

I like Sarah Palin. If she decides to run for President, I will support her.

Yet, Ian Lazaran clearly doesn’t understand that you don’t have to lie about anyone to be a loyal Palin supporter. And yet, Lazaran has been caught either lying or making ridiculous predictions about other people.

On July 11th, just a month ago, Lazaran, 100% confident that Rick Perry would not run for President, wrote on conservatives4palin.com:

Since Rick Perry Won’t Run, Governor Palin Is the Only Person in the Field Who Can Say She Vetoed Some of Obama’s Stimulus/Open Thread

Posted on July 11 2011 – 8:45 PM – Posted by:
I think it may be a good time to remind everyone that once Rick Perry announces that he’s not running for the presidency, Governor Palin will be the only one in the field who can say that she vetoed some of Obama’s stimulus package.  In the unlikely event that Rick Perry enters the contest, Governor Palin will still be the only person on stage who can say that she vetoed the energy portion of Obama’s stimulus package.”


On August 7th, just a week ago, Lazaran called Perry a “non-candidate”, writing the headline that

Non-Candidate Rick Perry’s Strategist Deceptively Lumps in Governor Palin’s Name With Mitch Daniels and Haley Barbour”


Yet, yesterday Rick Perry officially announced himself as a presidential candidate.


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