12 proposals for ’12

A few months, during a speech in NC, the author of the Republican Revolution of 1994 said that for the upcoming 2012 election, the Republican Party – its presidential candidate (whoever it will be) as well as its Congressional candidates – should write a new Contract with America, sign it, and then remain true to it if they get elected. He says that the Contract should be a list of 7 Acts of Congress which Republicans will pledge to pass, and the GOP nominee will pledge to sign, if they win the upcoming 2012 election.

Newt Gingrich is right. Here’s my proposal of a New Contract with America, a list of goals which Republicans will pledge to achieve, along with an accompanying list of Congressional bills which Republicans will pledge to pass and sign, a list of 12 pledges. 12 proposals for 2012.

1) Open America’s God-given, proven, vast fossil fuel reserves.

Legislation: an American Energy and Environment Reconciliation Act, which will open all of American territory (including the OCS, the ANWR, NPR-A, shale oil and shale NG formations, and deepwater areas) to drillers and America’s coal reserves (the largest in the world) to miners; promote hydrogen fuel to wean the US off gasoline in the long run; vastly reduce the red tape on utilities which wish to build nuclear reactors, including expediting the permit process; build a nuclear waste reprocessing facility (instead of a nuclear waste storage) at Yucca Mountain (or someone else, if not at Yucca Mountain – Oak Ridge, for example); abolish subsidies for interminnent boondoggles such as solar panels and wind turbines, and for ethanol; abolish the ethanol production mandate.

2) Tax reform.

Legislation: The FairTax Act (H.R. 25), which will abolish the entire federal tax code, all federal taxes, and with it, the IRS, and replace it with a simple, uniform national sales tax. It should be accompanied by a Constitutional Amendment which would repeal the 16th Amendment.

3) Reining the federal government within Constitutional limits.

Legislation: The Repealing Act, which would abolish all unconstitutional agencies, programs, policies, and laws.

4) Reconciling the mutually-nonexclusive goals of stopping illegal immigration, securing America’s borders, and welcoming legal immigrants.

Legislation: An Immigration Law Reform Act, which would require the completion of a border fence 6 months after this legislation would be passed and reform immigration law along these lines:

5) Reforming the DOD.

Although the Republican Party must reject any cuts of the defense budget topline, crucial defense programs, the force structure, or military capabilities, and should provide adequately for the overdue modernization of the US military, the DOD should not be allowed to avoid budget scrutiny. A comprehensive reform of the entire DOD is needed. Reform legislation should reform the DOD’s HC programs, procurement practices, fuel efficiency record, military justice system, global military posture, base infrastructure in the US, and many other aspects of how the DOD is staffed, organized and operated. It must also radically slim down the DOD’s civilian bureaucracies and officer ranks.

Legislation: A Comprehensive Defense Reform Act, wich should reform the DOD along these lines: https://zbigniewmazurak.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/the-defense-reform-proposals-package-the-17th-ed/

6) Reforming the Congress itself – how the Congress works.

Ultimately, no reform of Washington DC will ever work if the Congress itself is not reformed.

Legislation: A law requiring every bill to cite its constitutional authorization (if there is any), AKA the Shadegg bill; a law reducing the number of committees and subcommittees by 33%; a law term-limiting committee chairmen; and a law requiring every vote to be made by roll call. Also, a law should require that members of Congress may not be exempt from any laws they pass.

7) Repealing socialized medicine and making HC services affordable.

Legislation: a law that would repeal the misnamed “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010”, and replace it with a free-market oriented law which will reform tort law (a cap on damages, the English Rule, etc.), promote HSAs, wean people off the Medicaid program, and allow the importation of cheap drugs from abroad.

8) Deregulating the economy.

Legislation: a law which would repeal all regulations on the federal register.

9) Denying funds to abortion providers and abortion promoters.

Regardless whether you believe abortion should be legal or not, every genuine conservative would agree that taxpayers’ hard-earned money should not be given to abortion providers or abortion promoters.

Legislation: a law which would codify a government-wide ban on funding to abortion providers in the US and abroad, codify the Mexico City policy, and codify a ban on funding for the UNFPP.

10) Privatizing government-owned enterprises.

Legislation: A Privatization Act, which would privatize all government-owned enterprises, including the USPS, Amtrak, the TVA, the CPB, the NOAA, the FAA, GM, Chrysler, AIG, and others.

11) Creating a Blue Ribbon Task Group.

On top of the Repealing Act, the Congress should also pass an Act creating a Blue Ribbon Task Group, which should be appointed by the President and look at all programs and expenditures of the entire federal government, including the Congress and the federal judiciary. It should identify all fraudulent, duplicative, or utterly wasteful expenses (like spending on pole dancers by White House employees, which became a national scandal).

Legislation: a Blue Ribbon Task Group Creation Act.

12) Protection of civil liberties.

The GWOT is no excuse to violate civil liberties. They must be protected

Legislation: an Act repealing the PATRIOT Act, banning naked-body scanners, requiring an audit and a 50% budget reduction of the DHS, and protecting civil liberties in line with the Constitution.


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