changes its tune about Donald Trump by 180 degrees

A few days ago, changed its tune about Donald Trump (whom it slandered nonstop before he announced he was not going to run for President) by 180 degrees, writing that Trump is waiting for Palin to declare whether she will run for President or not before he endorses anyone. They also wrote:

“While pundits on the right continue to dismiss the possibility that Governor Palin is running for President (…)”

That’s because she will not run for President. There is irrefutable evidence that she will not run.

She has no campaign organization (other than O4P) in any state, no campaign staff, no presidential exploratory committee, and no fundraising mechanism other than SarahPAC. Funds raised by SarahPAC cannot be used for a presidential run.

When Rick Perry got serious about running for President, he contacted the GOP’s heavy donors, who are absolutely necessary to win, and key GOP players in the early primary states. Several Iowan, NH, and SC Republicans have confirmed that Perry has personally called them. Sarah Palin has not done that.

And here’s the biggest piece of evidence that she will not run: she’s still on Fox News’ payroll. When Gingrich and Santorum began to flirt with the idea of running, FN asked for their resignations. When people began to beg Huckabee to run, Huckabee was ordered to choose between his show and the White House. Sarah Palin remains on FN’s payroll and, AFAIK, has received no such ultimatum. Palin has said she will announce her decision by the end of September. The last day of September will be Sep. 30th. That means that 9 days remain before her announcement. If Palin was really to announce 9 days from now that she’s running for President, don’t you think Roger Ailes would’ve known about it by now?

Roger Ailes is not an idiot, so there are only two possibilities: Palin is going to run and is being treated in a privileged way in violation of campaign financing laws, or Palin is not going to run.

That’s the truth if you’re allowing a presidential candidate to be on a TV channel’s payroll and use it, without any fees, to attack (with blatant lies, I might add) her presidential rivals – unless that person is not running and doesn’t intend to run.

Donald Trump needs to accept the fact that Palin will not run for President. Although I don’t really care whom he will endorse. He’s a strident liberal. Anyone who receives his endorsement should refuse to accept it.

I’ve also noticed that this website and its commenters have changed their opinion of Donald Trump 180 degrees in just a few months. Before Trump announced that he would not run, this website and its commenters were dismissing him as “Trump the chump” and calling him the worst of names. Now its users treat him with respect and are asking him to wait for Palin to announce her decision and then endorse her.

And why are media still following her? For the simple reason that she has not yet announced her decision, so there is theoretically still a chance that she might run, so there is still a reason for the media to cover her. And that’s what Palin wants.

As soon as she announces that she’s not going to run – which she will have to do, because of legal deadlines – the media will stop covering her, no one will care what she says ro does, her speaking fees will plummet, and funds will stop flowing into SarahPAC’s coffers. Palin knows about that, which is why she’s delaying her announcement for as long as she can.

And when she announces that she’s not running, I suspect that this website’s admins and commenters will wine, gnash their teeth, and urge Palin to run as a third-party candidate.


One thought on “ changes its tune about Donald Trump by 180 degrees”

  1. Ive read MANY blogs & news articles & listened to all kinds of professional pundits on this subject matter. Your assessment is by far the BEST one Ive read. And it makes a whole lot of sense w/out all the confusing crap. The part where you said something about Roger Ailes is no fool & the other part about 2 foxnews contributors got booted out just for hinting they were gonna run — made something in my mind click. You put this all into perspective,

    Honey you need to send this to Carl Rove and Dick Morris.

    Im gonna get some sleep now, but when I wake up Im gonna send this page straight to twitter and diig & other bloggers. Darn.. I cant believe you put some reality to the fallacy. Palin needs to be ashame of herself.

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