Jack Hunter is spreading the lie that America is an ’empire’ and wants to ‘confront’ it

Official Ron Paul campaign blogger Jack Hunter has written yet another garbage article, this time one propagating the myth (also embraced and propagated by senior Ron Paul adviser Bruce Fein on Sep. 20th) that America is an empire, titled Confronting the American Empire.

This article is a litany of lies, just like almost everything else Hunter writes. It’s clear that Hunter, with one exception, NEVER writes articles about anything other than foreign policy and military spending, and is capable of only attacking both (in a ridiculous manner).

Now he is again trotting out the lie (popular among libertarians) that America is an “empire”. But I thoroughly debunked it earlier this year on AT, in my article titled America is not an Empire.

America is NOT an empire. America is a liberator that liberates oppressed populations and defends countries that are threatened by wannabe aggressors. As General Colin Powell has said, the US has, in its history, conquered just enough land to bury its war dead. An empire does not behave in such a manner.

Ron Paul’s claims about the number of American bases and troops abroad has been debunked thoroughly, but it’s worth adding that the majority of these “bases” are tiny military installations. It’s also worth adding that closing America’s bases abroad and bringing troops back home to the US wouold cost much more than keeping them where they are, because the host countries co-pay to keep those troops on their soil and to maintain those bases.

As for David Stockman’s blatant lie that:

“The Cold War is long over … The wars of occupation are almost over and were complete failures — Afghanistan and Iraq. The American empire is done. There are no real seriously armed enemies left in the world that can possibly justify an $800 billion national defense and security establishment, including Homeland Security.”

First of all, the Afghan and Iraqi wars are not wars of occupation, they are wars of liberation. Stockman’s use of the term “wars of occupation” reveals the fact that he’s a traitor. The US does not spend $800 bn a year on defense, wars, or “security”. The FY2011 budget of the DOD is $688 bn, and the budget of the DHS is ca. $46 bn. Combined, that is $734 bn, a far cry from $800 bn. As for his denial that there are any “real seriously armed enemies in the world” – only an idiot, an ignorant person, or a liar could say something like that. There are several well-armed enemies in this world, some of whom are peer competitors (China and Russia), some are rogue states (Iran, NK, Venezuela), and some are well-armed terrorist organizations (AQ, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Haqqani network, al-Shabab, FARC). Stockman is an utterly discredited liar. Just like Jack Hunter.


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