What the US-NATO-Israeli-Japanese-SK missile defense system should consist of

As Iran and North Korea acquire ballistic missiles of growing range and accuracy, and as ballistic missiles proliferate around the world, the need for the US and its allies to deploy a global, multilayered missile defense system is growing. Unfortunately, many allies of the US, including South Korea, are refusing to even allow the US to deploy such systems on their territories, let alone buy their own BMD assets and join the US in a missile defense system.

This must change. The US and its allies must build their own national missile defense systems, and America’s allies must cooperate with the US and link their systems with the American system.

This multinational missile defense system should consist of:

1) The US:

a) In the US itself: a growing number of ground-based interceptors in Alaska and California (44 by FY2012 and ultimately ca. 230-240), a complete network of radars along US borders (incl. in Texas, where there are now gaps), PATRIOT and THAAD batteries in the National Capital Region and at all ICBM, SSBN, and bomber bases; a THAAD battery in Florida; a GBI and Aegis test site on the East Coast (e.g. on Wallops Island); ca. 50 BMD capable Aegis class ships; a THAAD battery and an SBX radar protecting Hawaii; fighters armed with AIM-9X missiles.

b) Abroad: squadrons of ABL planes deployed in SK, Turkey, and Iraq; 10 GBIs in Poland; a radar in the Czech Republic; Aegis BMD ships in Japan.

2) South Korea:

PAC-2 and PAC-3 batteries, 3 or more BMD-capable King Sejong the Great class vessels; fighters armed with AIM-9X missiles; THAAD batteries.

3) Japan:

PAC-2, PAC-3, and THAAD batteries; 24 additional BMD-capable vessels in addition to the current 6; fighters armed with AIM-9X missiles.

4) European countries:

Spain and the Netherlands should buy as many as possible (at least 20) additional Aegis type vessels and make their existing Aegis type vessels (those of the Alvaro de Bazan class and of the De Zeven Provincien class) BMD capable. As many European countries as possible, including France, the Czech Republic, and Poland, shoudl buy enough PATRIOT and/or THAAD batteries to cover their entire territories. Germany and Italy should replace their SAM/BMD systems (PATRIOT, Nike, and Hercules) with MEADS.

5) Israel

Israel should deploy a third and fourth Arrow battery to cover its entire territory.

6) Australia should make its Hobart-class vessels BMD capable when they are commissioned and buy additional Hobart class vessels.

In addition, all of these countries should link their BMD systems to each other.


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