The CNN has lied about the military budget and entitlements

While browsing videos of the interviews Cain has done with TV networks, I found this video from February:

It’s Cain talking about the exploding costs of entitlements. Although the host did remind Cain of the exploding costs of entitlement programs, he understated them, and in the graph that CNN displayed on the screen shortly afterwards, it dramatically OVERSTATED military spending and UNDERSTATED domestic discretionary spending, claiming that the former constitutes 23.8% of the total federal budget (request) for FY2012 while the latter constitutes a little over 12%. In other words, like many others, the CNN is dramatically overstating military spending in other to tar it in the eyes of the American people and convince them to accept massive defense spending cuts.

This is a blatant lie. Military spending has never amounted to such a part of the total federal budget since the 1980s. Not even close. Throughout the last decade, it always constituted less than 20% of the total federal budget. The current total military budget (i.e. the core defense budget plus the OCO budget plus spending on the DOE’s defense-related programs) amounts to $645 bn, which is less than 19% of the total federal budget. In May, then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates confirmed that the total military budget amounts to less than 19% of the total federal budget.

As for domestic discretionary spending, according to a recent testimony before the Super Committee by CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf, it constitutes a full 20% of the total federal budget.

The CNN, as always, is lying. And this channel is supposed to host the upcoming GOP foreign policy debate?


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