The myth that President Obama has handled foreign policy competently and is therefore immune to criticism on that score (or that at least his subordinates have taken foreign policy criticism off the table) is false, but it’s popular in the Beltway, among the political establishment of both parties, and among the media elite of this country, including supposed conservatives like Fox News anchors.

This week, on the HumanEvents.com website, Bill O’Reilly wrote a ludicrous article claiming that, although President Obama has made huge blunders on domestic policy, Leon Panetta has taken foreign policy criticism off the election table, and that Obama is supposedly a good CINC because he’s blowing up Al Qaeda and Taleban thugs:

“Thank God Obama appointed Leon Panetta to blow up al-Qaida and Taliban thugs. As CIA chief, Panetta has served the president extremely well and largely has taken foreign policy criticism off the election table. Obama got lucky with Panetta. The president has been unlucky in other advisory areas.”


What utter garbage. On foreign policy, Obama has made just as many mistakes – including numerous GRAVE ERRORS – as on domestic policy, the New START and appeasement towards China and Iran just to name a few. Obama is VERY VULNERABLE to criticism on foreign policy and such criticism IS on the election table, or at least could be. The problem is that like Bill O’Reilly, most Republicans know almost nothing on foreign policy, don’t know about Obama’s huge blunders on FP, and don’t know how to succintly warn the public about these errors, not to mention formulate an alternative foreign policy.

If Republicans would just educate themselves, point out Obama’s numerous big foreign policy mistakes, explain to the American people why they’re so bad, and outline an alternative foreign policy vision, Obama would’ve been even more vulnerable on foreign affairs and on domestic ones.

It’s funny that Bill O’Reilly comments on Cain’s foreign policy ignorance while showing off his own. He would be well advised not to comment on this subject again.

And if Republicans really intend to take foreign policy criticism off the election table, they’re going to shoot themselves in the foot and disarm themselves unilaterally, which will make it far easier for Obama to get reelected.


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