Good news from the defense front

Hey folks, I’ve got some good news from the defense front. Firstly, as you may know, Speaker Boehner has drawn a bright red line against any further defense cuts above those ordered by the first round of the debtn ceiling deal. Secondly, during a recent hearing before the HASC, all service chiefs made this plea.

Thirdly, a very recent poll commissioned by a group called Resurgent Republic and reported by the DailyCaller shows that a majority (52%) of Americans opposes defense spending cuts.

Resurgent Republic is a group that supports a strong national defense (as well as limited government and free-market policies) on principle, so a little ounce of skepticism could be applied to this poll. Nonetheless, I believe it is credible, because it also indicates a majority of Americans support withdrawal from both Iraq and Afghanistan. It shows two key points:

1) The American people, if given all the relevant information (at least in summary) and given arguments for and against defense cuts, will always opt against and support a strong defense. What needs to be done, therefore, is that the public needs to be informed (“kept in the loop”). It needs to know the full facts, at least in summary, to make an informed decision about what politicians and policies to support. If that is done, a majority of Americans will then surely choose a strong defense.

2) Most Americans support a strong defense but oppose wars of nationbuilding and involving America in quagmires – as do I.

Moreover, when the Washington Times recently published a ridiculous anti-defense screed written by the ignorant ex-HE journalist Rowan Scarborough – which gave voice to three extreme leftists who have been after the defense budget for a long time – ordinary American citizens posted critical comments under it and one concerned citizen who is president of the “Frontiers for Freedom”, sent a letter to the editor protesting against that article; this letter to the editor has been published in the newspaper and on the website. WaTimes should learn this lesson: the task of writing about military issues should be assigned to Bill Gertz.

Unfortunately, there’s also one piece of bad news. According to a recent Gallup poll, 49% of Americans overall approve President Obama’s handling of foreign policy and 63% approve of the way he has handled the terrorist threat, even as huge majorities of Americans disapprove of his policies on a wide range of domestic issues, from the economy and the budget deficit to job creation and health.

This is partly a result of Republican inactivity, passivity, and apathy on foreign policy issues, and partly the result of unceasing propaganda with which the media is bombarding the American people every day. This is helping to create the image of a president who is competently handing foreign policy while completely failing on domestic issues. It’s false, but 49% of Americans, including some pro-Republican individuals such as Bill O’Reilly, have bought it.


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