Larry Kudlow’s treasonous call to gut America’s defense

Recently, the NRO has published two consecutive articles, on two consecutive days (on Thursday and Friday) by Larry Kudlow which calls on the Congress to let the Super Committee fail and to trigger the sequester, which will gut America’s defense.

What utter garbage from the already utterly discredited anti-defense libertarian Larry Kudlow. He obviously knows nothing about defense.

“For those who worry about the defense problem, leave it to a post-election Congress that could provide a supplemental to add back some defense spending if necessary. All the budget issues will be revisited post-election anyway.”

Firstly, calling the impact of the sequester on defense “a defense problem” is a VAST understatement. The sequester would cut 600 bn USD from the core defense budget (not counting the GWOT supplemental), on top of the 465 bn budget cuts already imposed on the DOD by the debt ceiling deal. It would lead to disastrous cuts, including an immediate elimination of the ICBM leg of the nuclear triad and an eventual elimination of the other two legs (the bomber leg and the SSBN leg) through nonreplacement (because their replacement programs would be cancelled). On top of that, the bomber fleet would have to be immediately cut by 66% and the SSBN fleet by 4 subs.

Secondly, it will be very difficult and very costly (and will take many years) to replace the numerous components and programs of America’s defense that the sequester would eliminate. It’s not as simple as adding money back to DOD accounts. Bombers, ICBMs, and SSBNs need time to be developed and produced. It would be much cheaper not to cut them now and proceed quickly with replacement programs NOW. Weapon programs, military units, weapon inventories, and defense companies cannot be abolished or eliminated and then quickly rebuilt like you turn lights off and on. Once they’re gone, they are hard and costly to rebuild, and it takes years to rebuild them.

Thirdly, Kudlow’s idea that the Congress may add “some defense spending back if necessary” is ridiculous and morally repugnant. SOME defense spending? IF necessary. It would DEFINITELY be necessary, and it would cost A LOT of money to rebuild America’s defense – more than the sequester would cut from the defense budget.
Last but not least, Kudlow’s assurance that the Congress will restore funding for defense is hollow, laughable, and ridiculous. The history of the last 22 years proves that defense cuts, once done, are NEVER reversed by the federal government. Does ANYONE really believe that even if Republicans retake the Senate and the White House in 2012, they will rebuild America’s defense? I don’t. President Obama has already imposed six rounds of defense cuts on the DOD, and Republicans have accomplished all six of them as accomplished facts and are not trying, and do not pledge, to undo them.

“But junking the trigger would be a fiscal calamity for the United States. It’s an X-rated option. Don’t even think about it.”

No, it wouldn’t be. It would be the right thing to do, as it would save America’s defense from disaster. What WOULD be a calamity for the US would be the massive defense cuts that the sequester would make. It should and must be junked COMPLETELY. It should’ve never been created, and must be eliminated. Kudlow is a reckless anti-defense ignorant hack. He would be well-advised to shut up. And if the NRO wants to retain whatever few (if any) shreds of credibility it might retain by now, it will stop publishing his screeds.


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