There is a candidate…

Folks, on January 3rd, Iowa Republicans will cast their votes for their preferred candidate for the GOP Presidential nomination, with voters in other states to follow suit thereafter. I know that most Republican candidates want a credible candidate who is conservative across the board, doesn’t have a lot of baggage, and can defeat Barack Obama.

Does any of the 9 contenders fit that description? Yes.

There is a candidate who is conservative across the board – on social, economic, and defense/foreign policy issues, one who will protect unborn children, defend traditional marriage, cut and simplify taxes, eliminate unconstitutional federal agencies, rein in all three branches of the federal government, and reverse President Obama’s defense cuts.

There is a candidate who has always, consistently, been a conservative, because his conservative views are informed by his political principles and his religious and moral convictions.

There is a candidate who is not afraid to take on Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the liberal judges on the SCOTUS bench to uproot Washington DC, and recognizes that merely trimming around the edges won’t do.

There is a candidate who has served his Country in the military, as a volunteer, around the world, not sitting in the United States safely in military bases like Ron Paul did.

There is a candidate who has stayed married, and loyal, to his wife, his childhood sweatheart whom he married in 1982. He has never had any affairs, despite certain rumors to the contrary.

There is a candidate who doesn’t apologize for his conservative views and doesn’t pander to people, instead saying what he truly thinks.

There is a candidate who believes America is a shining beacon for the world, not the cause of all world evil as some claim.

There is a candidate who is such a loyal friend of Israel that he has received the Defender of Jerusalem Award.

There is a candidate who has decades of experience of governing and leading, and during that time has built a conservative record, cutting taxes, cutting spending, reducing the size and scope of government, securing America’s southern border, and creating a pro-business environment.

That candidate is the current Governor of Texas, Rick Perry.