The RJC’s decision to ban Ron Paul was the right decision; Goldstein and Lord are wrong about Ron Paul

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) has, for good reasons, decided to ban Ron Paul from their presidential forum/debate. Unsurprisingly, Paul and his loony supporters protested against this decision. But I was surprised to hear conservative AmSpec columnists Aaron Goldstein and Jeffrey Lord – both of whom are staunch supporters of Israel (and Lord is also, like me, a fierce critic of Ron Paul) – also criticize the RJC’s decision. That, I cannot understand.

For starters, the RJC is a private organization which has a right to invite or disinvite anyone it wants. For Goldstein and RJC to lecture it is arrogant.

Secondly, although Ron Paul, his loony supporters, and these two naive AmSpec journalist claim that Paul is being denied “a fair chance to express his views”, and Lord just wants Paul to be allowed to express them, this is not merely about a guy expressing his views. This is about inviting, or banning, a loony, fiercely ideological politician who has proven multiple times, in front of global audiences, that he is both a traitor and a loon. He’s the GOP’s counterpart of Lyndon LaRouche. He’s a politician completely blinded by his extremist ideology and his inability to compromise or cooperate with those who disagree with him some of the time. He’s a vile, despicable, morally repugnant traitor who has actively work to gut the US military and imperil the US, while blaming all of the world’s evil on the US and accusing America of “militarism”. This is the guy who has condemned the assassinations of OBL and Al-Awlaki and would’ve never conducted them. This is the guy who would dump all of America’s allies and withdraw from all mutual defense treaties and alliances, thus eliminating America’s credibility. This is the guy who is to the far left of Barack Obama and most other Democrats on foreign and defense policies. And he’s supposed to be given a platform by the RJC?

The RJC’s answer, quite rightly, was not just “no”, it was “HELL NO!”


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