Personalliberty magazine and International Business Times utterly discredit themselves

Loony-libertarian magazines and International Business Times have utterly discredited themselves. How?

By claiming that Ron Paul’s loony isolationist foreign policy is “actually one of his strongest points” and that it’s the same as what George W. Bush promised the American people in 2000.

No, Ron Paul’s foreign policy is not gaining traction and no, it is not the same as the policy Americans voted in 2000. Paul is a Blame America First isolationist loon who supports, and repeatedly tried to implement, massive defense cuts. President Bush did promise a “humble” foreign policy and no nationbuilding, but he also promised defense spending hikes, rebuilding the US military, deploying a robust National Missile Defense system, and maintaining US defense commitments to America’s allies. By contrast, the isolationist loon from Texas promises to terminate all US defense commitments to all allies (including longtime strategic allies like Britain and Japan), withdrawal from weorld affairs, not helping victims of aggression, allowing Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon, massive defense cuts, and appeasement towards America’s enemies from Russia to Iran. Luckily, a large majority of Americans rejects these lunatic, isolationist, leftist, weak-defense policies. Ron Paul failed to wina singe state in 1988 and in 2008 and I expect he will not win a single state in 2012, either. He will not be the GOP nominee, let alone President of the United States. He will be going home to his rocking chair after this election season is over – and not a moment too soon.


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