[Satire] I was wrong: there IS a military-industrial complex!

For a long time, libertarians like Jack Hunter and liberals like Fareed Zakaria have been railing about a “military-industrial complex:. Turns out that they were right: there IS a military-industrial complex, and it wields a huge influence over the federal government! Here’s the proof:

1) When President Obama expressed his lack of faith in the Bush Admin’s missile defense plans for Europe, the military-industrial complex pressured him to nonetheless proceed with the plans, which he continues to do, and not to make any concessions to Russia.

2) When Robert Gates proposed closing over 30 crucial weapon programs (including the F-22, the MKV, the Kinetic Energy Interceptor, and the Zumwalt class), the military-industrial complex exerted such pressure on the Congress that it rejected Gates’ proposals. As a result, these programs are still being pursued today, and new orders for F-22 fighters are still being made.

3) When, in April 2010, President Obama signed the New START treaty with Russia, the military-industrial complex made sure that the Senate would wait until its newest members, elected in 2010, were duly sworn in, then resoundingly reject the treaty, and the agreement was scuttled by a wide 71-29 margin.

4) When, in January 2011, Robert Gates proposed $78 bn in defense budget cuts and another $100 bn in efficiencies, the military-industrial complex made sure the Congress would reject them.

5) When, in April 2011, the Congress and President Obama agreed to a Continuing Resolution, the MIC made sure that it would contain no defense cuts whatsoever.

6) And when the debt-ceiling deal was agreed to and signed in August 2011, the military-industrial complex made sure that it would not contain any immediate or long-term cuts to defense spending or even to its rate of growth. The sequestration mechanism contained in that deal targets exclusively entitlement programs while not cutting a cent out of the defense budget.

7) During the 1990s, due to the huge pressure of the military-industrial complex, neither President Clinton nor the Congress bothered to cut defense spending by a smidgen.

8) Thanks to the unceasing effort of the military-industrial complex, throughout the last 40 years, defense spending has never been cut at all, and has been growing nonstop to ever higher levels, far outpacing entitlements. Military spending now consumes 10% of America’s GDP and 58%-63% of the total federal budget, while entitlements amount to only 19% of the total federal budget and just 4.51% of GDP.

9) And last but not least, due to the enormous pressure of and bribes disbursed by the military-industrial complex, defense companies are now in the top 10 of the Fortune 100 list.

Wait. These events didn’t happen at all? The total OPPOSITE happened? Hmmm. Maybe I was right after all. 🙂


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