The conservative credo

Libertarian liars like Jack Hunter claim that if you support robust defense spending and oppose defense cuts, you are not a conservative. They’re wrong. It is the supporters of defense cuts who are not conservatives. Personally, I have conservative credentials which, I believe, are unquestionable.

Here’s what I believe in:

I believe in traditional Judeo-Christian values.

I believe human life begins at conception, and all unborn children deserve legal protection, and that the Fourteenth Amendment does protect their right to life.

I believe experimentation on human embryos is impermissible.

I believe marriage is between a man and a woman and should be legally recognized that way – with a Constitutional Amendment if necessary.

I believe, like the Founding Fathers did, that governments are created to secure our inalienable rights; that some kind of government is necessary, but governments exist only for limited purposes, not to manage every aspect of your life.

I believe that, therefore, taxation should be limited to the amount necessary to fund the necessary functions of government.

I believe that every society needs some laws, but these laws must not be oppressive, and, whatever they pertain to, they must be fair, egalitarian, short, predictable, and easy to understand.

I believe that the citizen should be strong vis-a-vis the state; that if arrested, he must always have the right to legal counsel, to Habeas Corpus, to be told why he’s been arrested, to a speedy public trial, to confront his accusers, to a cross-examination of witnesses, and to obtain witnesses in his favor.

I believe that foreign terrorists deserve none of the rights to which American citizens are entitled.

I believe that civil liberties must never be surrendered, not even in the name of “fighting terrorism”.

I believe that the Constitution means what it says and says what it means; and that it should be interpreted in accordance with its original meaning as stated in the Federalist Papers, which I believe to be the most authoritative explanations of the Constitution’s meaning.

I believe that the Constitution does give the federal government several legitimate functions, but that it authorizes only a limited government – that is, limited in terms of what it is allowed to do.

I believe that the people whom the American people elect to public office are debtors who have been loaned a sum greater than any money can be – public trust – and whenever that public trust is breached, these officials should be impeached and removed from office, whichever branch of the federal government they are members of.

I believe that every dollar the federal government spends needs to be spent wisely or not at all, because it was hard earned by a taxpayer, who had to work hard and sweat to earn it.

I believe in capitalism: free markets, low taxes, low regulation, no government diktats, and no bailouts.

I believe that capitalism means opportunity, but also responsibility.

I believe that the government should not create or support any dependency classes, and should assist only those who are truly downtrodden.

I believe in states rights – but not at the expense of individual rights. I believe states rights are no excuse for trampling personal liberties, whether with individual insurance purchase mandates, bans on using cell phones in people’s private cars, smoking bans, slavery, segregation, or whatnot.

I believe in the right of every American to possess and keep firearms, and deem it supreme to states’ rights. I believe in the Castle Doctrine.

I believe that America’s borders must be secure and must be controlled; that illegal immigration should be disincentivized and punished; that a country that doesn’t protect its borders is not sovereign; but that a healthy dose of legal immigration is both acceptable and needed. I believe America is both a country of immigrants and a country of laws.

I believe that energy is the lifeblood of the US economy, and in line with capitalism, a system of opportunities AND responsibilities, the government should not subsidize nor penalize any source of energy. I believe the government should allow (but not mandate) free unlimited use of all energy resources and leave it to the free market to determine which ones are the most economical ones. Once that happens, I’m confident the free market will choose the most efficient ones.

I believe that governments should not impose any radical environmentalist measures.

I believe that providing, and adequately funding, a strong national defense is not just a Constitutional prerogative, but a Constitiutional DUTY of the federal government, and any defense cuts or other measures to weaken America’s defense (such as disarmament treaties) constitute a dereliction of that duty. I believe that defense should be funded adequately and robustly. I believe that strategies and defense needs should drive budgets, not the other way around.

I believe that providing any amount of money for defense is Constitutionally authorized and justified, and does not constitute a Big Government program.

I believe that it is much better to spend some money on defense (and therefore on preventing war) now than to spend more money later on rebuilding defense and fighting a war provoked by military weakness.

I believe in building a strong national defense to prevent war, not to start one.

I believe peace can be safeguarded only with a strong national defense.

I believe military interventions are sometimes justified, but only when there is a real threat that cannot be deterred, the objectives are clear, the government is fully committed to winning, and the Congress – the Nation’s elected legislature supports it.

I believe America has many allies around the world, and they deserve to be respected and protected, not dumped unceremoniously to retrench cowardly behind oceans.

I believe that America is the greatest country in the world, and is not to blame for the world’s problems.

That is what I, Zbigniew Mazurak, a staunch conservative, believe in.


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