What to expect during the 2012 CPAC

The 2012 CPAC will be held on February 9th-12th in Mariott Hotel in Washington, DC. If the announced agenda for it is any guide, it will be a nasty anti-defense hatefest just like the previous CPAC.

Not only will the Paulbots flood the event and skew the CPAC straw poll, not only will Rand Paul deliver another tirade, CPAC will also feature two explicitly anti-defense events that will be organized by fanatical anti-defense groups.

The first of them will be held right at the beginning of CPAC, on Feb. 9th at 9:00, and will be an exercise in misusing, misinterpreting, and manipulating President Eisenhower’s Farewell Address:

“Eisenhower Farewell to Nation – CPAC Theater

Live introduction by President Eisenhower’s granddaughter Susan Eisenhower
Q&A to follow with Susan Eisenhower and the Committee for the Republic’s John Henry”

The second of them will be titled “More Defense for Less” and will be organized by a paranoid, conspiracy-theory-peddling, anti-military organization calling itself “the Comittee for the Republic” on February 9th at 10:00, and the speaker will be the already-discredited, and refuted on this blog, retired Colonel Douglas MacGregor (US Army, ret.), although it will not be an official ACU event.

If the so-called “Committee for the Republic”, Col. MacGregor, and the ACU were really interested in “more defense” or a strong defense, or in an honest analysis of America’s defense needs and programs, they would NOT have pre-assumed that defense spending should be cut (“more defense with less”).

Another anti-defense, anti-military event will be a supposed “Founding Fathers’ Roundtable”, titled “Founder Roundtable: Where Did We Go Wrong?”, where Bruce Fein (who is already utterly discredited) will be pretending to be James Madison and probably railing against the US military, the notion of a strong defense, and America’s defense spending and foreign policy. He will, of course, ignore this admonition of James Madison:

“How could a readiness for war in times of peace be safely prohibited, unless we could prohibit, in like manner, the preparations and establishments of every hostile nation?”

The participants will be as follows:

Sponsored by: The Committee for the Republic
Speakers: Benjamin Franklin (FreedomFest Mark Skousen), James Madison (Bruce Fein),
Alexander Hamilton (Bill Nitze), Thomas Jefferson (First Branch Tea Party Tom Whitmore), Tom Paine (John Henry), and Patrick Henry (James Henry)

The event will occur at 2:30PM.

The fourth anti-defense, anti-military event will also be sponsored by the conspiracy-theory-peddling Committee for the Republic, and it will be titled “America and its Wars: John Quincy Adams vs. James K. Polk”. In this event, the utterly discredited libertarian loon Bruce Fein, who has been repeatedly caught lying, will be pretending to be John Quincy Adams, while Robert Merry will be impersonating James Polk and debating with Fein. (James Polk was the President who led the US during the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848; Adams opposed that war, considering it to be a plot by Southerners to expand slavery.) In any case, these guys will be bashing the US military and America’s foreign policy while urging the US to adopt an isolationist policy that was already obsolete 160 years ago. The event will occur at 10:00PM.

However, this time around, unlike last year, we defense conservatives are much better prepared and will be hosting our own events at the CPAC.

The first pro-defense event, titled “Is Disarming America Smart Politics? The Security and Economic Costs of Obama’s Policies” will be sponsored by Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy. It will be held on February 9th at 1:00PM  in the Truman room. The participants will be:

Frank Gaffney, Jr., President, Center for Security Policy; Joel Arrends, Executive
Director, Vets for Freedom; Mackenzie Eaglen, Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute;
LtGen Jack Klimp, USMC (Ret.), National Association for Uniformed Services (NAUS); & MG
Al Zapanta, USARNG, President and CEO, U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce

The event will be not have a moderator.

The second will be titled “Defending Defense: Security Threats in 2012 – Iran, China, N. Korea & DoD Budget Cuts” and will be held at on February 10th at 2:40 PM in the Marriott Ballroom. Among the participants will be:

The Honorable Asa Hutchinson, Senior Partner, Asa Hutchinson Law Group, PLC, Former U.S.
Representative, and Former Under Secretary of Homeland Security
Van Hipp, Jr., Chairman, American Defense International
Paul Saunders, Executive Director, Center for the National Interest
The Honorable Dov Zakheim, Former Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)

The event will be moderated by Jim Talent of the Heritage Foundation.

The third pro-defense event will be a speech that will be delivered by John Bolton on foreign and defense issues at 10:35PM in the Marriott Ballroom. He will be introduced by David A. Keene, former chariman of the ACU.



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