What a new Contract with America should promise

Inspired by Newt Gingrich’s 1994 Contract with America and his 21st century version of the Contract, I’ve decided to draw up and propose what I believe he and the Congressional GOP should promise – specific legislation:


Congress should pass fundamental tax reform – either the optional 15% flat tax that Speaker Gingrich proposes and the rest of his pro-growth tax reform package or, even better, the FairTax Act (H.R. 25). As a first step, the Bush tax cuts must be made permanent.


Firstly, stop paying the crooks, just as Speaker Gingrich suggests. Not allowing crooks to use entitlement programs would save $120 bn per year.

Secondly, implement Lean Six Sigma across the federal government to save $700 bn per year.

Thirdly, cut Congress’ spending on itself by half, and their staffs and committees by 1/3.

Fourthly, institute a firm and permanent ban on pork spending (not a mere moratorium).

Then, abolish unconstitutional federal department: the DOE, the DHUD, the DOE, the DHHS, the DOL, the Education Department, and the EPA. Also abolish the constitutional but unneeded Department of Commerce.

Then, pass a Line Item Veto amendment to the Constitution.

Then, abolish the Department of Transportation and devolve its funding to the states.

Then, privatize the FAA, the TVA, Amtrak, GM, Chrysler, the CPB, and the NPR.


1) Pass an Act opening the entire OCS, the Mexican Gulf, the ANWR, NPR-A, the Rockies, and all shale deposits to drilling for oil and natural gas. Leave the issue of drilling in the Everglades to the state of Florida.

2) Authorize, by EO, the Keystone Pipeline.

3) Authorize uranium ore mining in Arizona.

4) License new reactor types, including Areva’s EPR, but not the CANDU reactor.

5) Stop subsidizing any sources of energy.

6) Create a nuclear fuel reprocessing center at a fixed location (preferrably in Knolls, Idaho, or the Savannah site) and reprocess all nuclear waste in the US. Use the plutonium from it to produce nuclear weapons. Make sure that the plutonium from it contains no more than 6.99% Pu-240.


1) Repeal 90% of the regs in the Code of Federal Regulations.

2) Repeal the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Davis-Bacon Act, the Dodd-Frank Act, and the CAFE Act.

3) Institute a moratorium on all new federal regulations.

4) Audit all federal regulations.


Audit the entire federal government, including the DOD and the Federal Reserve.

Make the Freedom of Information Act apply to the White House and the Congress.

Create a part-time Congress.

Pass a term limits amendment to the Constitution. Limit Congressmen to 6 terms, Senators to 2, and the President to only one term. Include a grandfather clause.

Make all laws that the Congress makes apply to the Congress as well.

Make all laws cite the exact Constitutional provision which authorizes them.

Cut Congressmen’ and Senators’ pay in half and cut their staffs and the number of committees by 33%.


End all lawsuits against states.

Abolish unconstitutional federal agencies (see above).

Abolish Obama’s socialized medicine scheme.


Abolish Obama’s socialized medicine scheme (see above).

Implement tort reform and malpractice law reform.

Allow Americans to buy insurance policies across state lines.

Move people off the Medicaid program.


1) Eliminate all wasteful expenditures and programs at NASA.

2) Devolve to the private sector all programs that can be devolved to it.

3) Reinvest all the resulting savings in those programs that the private sector cannot undertake, including and most importantly a program to put an American astronaut on Mars.

4) Refuse to sign any Outer Space Code of Conduct.


1) Abolish the federal Department of Education (see above).

2) Ask states to remove all limits on charter schools and homeschooling.

3) Abolish the limit on charter schools in DC. Establish a new charter school in the District.

4) Honor British and Australian English language certificates.


1) Defund Planned Parenthood completely. Use the money thus saved to reduce the deficit, not to pay for adoptions.

2) Appoint only strict constructionists to the Supreme Court. Abortion should be a litmus test for judicial nominees. Reject any candidates who do not pledge to overturn Roe v. Wade.

3) Ban abortions on military installations and military grounds by statute if possible and by EO if necessary.

4) Prohibit military chaplains to perform gay weddings.

5) Defend the DOMA in courts.

6) Pass a Human Life Amendment, a Personhood Amendment, and a Federal Marriage Amendment.

7) Reinstate the military’s ban on zoophilia (bestiality).

(8) Defend Alabama’s right to display the Ten Commandments in its SC building.


1) Resist ANY calls for defense spending cuts. Repeal the Budget Control Act entirely. Find savings elsewhere. Maintain defense spending at at least $526 bn per year.

2) Implement DOD reforms along these lines, passing these reforms as a Department of Defense Reform Act. Do not leave any stone unturned. Reform every aspect of how the DOD is organized, staffed, and operated.

3) Rebuild the military’s nuclear arsenal, the nuclear triad, conventional troops, and amphibious capabilities.

4) Withdraw most troops from Europe and close most US bases there. Make the EU pay for its own defense.

5) In defense spending, prioritize programs that are designed to confront the threats of tomorrow, especially anti-access/access-denial weapons, cyberweapons, and other threats for which the US is not prepared. That is to say, prioritize investments in stealthy weapons and long-range-strike platforms such as stealthy fighters, stealthy bombers, long-range UCAVs, submarines, unmanned submersibles, minesweepers, BMD systems, large surface combatants, Prompt Global Strike Systems, the nuclear triad, and cyberdefenses.

6) Make it easier for nuclear physicists, IT specialists, plasma physicists, engineers, biologists, and doctors to immigrate to the US.

7) Resume the production of fissile material and nuclear weapons. Rebuild the US nuclear arsenal numerically.

8) Deploy a comprehensive National Missile Defense System capable of protecting all ballistic missiles of all classes, in any quantity, in any phase of flight.

9) Resurrect wrongly-closed weapon programs, including the MKV, KEI, and Comanche helicopter programs, while closing unneeded programs such as the Littoral Combat Ship and the JLTV.

10) End the moratorium on nuclear testing.


1) Withdraw from the New START treaty, from both CFE Treaties, and from the CTBT.

2) Withdraw the US from the UN, expel the UN from US soil, and dedicate all of the resulting savings to deficit reduction.

3) Repair relations with Canada. Recognize Canada’s claims in the Arctic and stop sending submarines into Canadian waters uninvited.

4) Repair relations with Asian allies. Revise the plan to construct a Futenma Replacement Facility at Camp Schwab. Negotiate a multilateral defense alliance involving America’s allies in Asia (an Asian NATO).

5) Repair relations with Israel. Sell Israel the F-15SEs it has requested. Don’t force Israel to go back to pre-1967 lines. Don’t force it to stop building settlements in the West Bank. Don’t recognize a Palestinian state under any circumstances. Move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.


Here is specific legislation that the next Congress should pass during its first 100 days, and which the GOP should promise to pass if it is allowed to retain the House and retake the Senate:

A Defense Department Reform Act, a Fair Tax Act (H.R. 25), an act authorizing the Keystone Pipeline, a bill abolishing the forementioned unconstitutional federal departments, a Line Item Veto Act, a Line Item Veto Constitutional Amendment, a Const. Amendment repealing the 16th Amendment, a ban on abortions on military installations and DOD grounds, a ban on federal funding for abortion, a ban on zoophilia and gay marriage in the military, a Federal Marriage Amendment, an Act repealing Obama’s socialized medicine scheme, and the STOCK Act (which would ban insider trading by the members of Congress).


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