Ron Paul caught lying, and loudly booed, during the Jan. 16th South Carolina GOP debate

During the GOP presidential debate organized on Jan. 16th, 2012 in Myrtle Beach, SC, hosted by Fox News, Ron Paul falsely claimed:

“‘Along the way Texas Gov. Rick Perry called the leaders of Turkey “Islamic terrorists” who should be stripped of U.S. aid. And Rep. Ron Paul said the income tax rate should be cut to zero, and called for a golden rule in international relations that would have kept the U.S. from assassinating Osama bin Laden. (…)

Mr. Paul outdid the rest of the field when it came to lowering the income tax rate, calling for it to be dropped to zero.

He also came under fire when he proposed the U.S. should follow a “golden rule” internationally.

“We endlessly bomb these countries and then we wonder why they get upset with us?” he said.

That drew loud boos from the audience.

And he took aim at the rest of the field, at one point regretting his ad attacking Mr. Santorum was too short and he wanted to expand his attacks over Mr. Santorum’s support for labor unions and his votes for No Child Left Behind and the Medicare prescription drug bill.

“My only regret is that I couldn’t get enough in in that one minute that I should have,” he said.”

Gee. And this guy and his supporters wonder why no real Republicans vote for him?

First off, the US doesn’t bomb any countries “endlessly”. The Vietnamese, Iraqi, and Libyan wars are over. SO is the US intervention in the former Yugoslavia. The Afghan war will be over in 2014. So Paul’s claim that the US bombs “all of these countries” endlessly (what “all of these countries” did he mean? the US is not bombing all countries of the world, just those who attack the US or slaughter their own citizens), and terrorist attacks against the US are motivated by the terrorists’ jihadist ideology from the 7th century, not by anything the US has done. But of course, Ron Paul thinks that Americans have travelled back in time and caused Muslims to write the hateful verses of the Quran.

Ron Paul is a loon. Period.


2 thoughts on “Ron Paul caught lying, and loudly booed, during the Jan. 16th South Carolina GOP debate”

  1. Yes, the Vietnam War is over, however, peasant children in Laos are still being murdered on a regular basis by unexploded US bombs ( Not to mention that criticizing Paul on his use of the term “endless” just because he did not literally mean infinity is foolish. The US has murdered millions of civilians through bombing raids over the years, not to mention the millions more who have died through US sanctions ( and US-supported death squads throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia (too many instances to provide just one link, how about US-ran death squads in El Salvador raping and murdering American Catholic nuns-

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