Obama fanboy George Will shows his true colors once again

Obama fanboy, card-carrying Washington Establishment member George Will has shown his true colors once again.

In his latest column, Will claims that the GOP stands no chance of beating Obama and urges Republicans to forfeit the 2012 presidential race and to focus on the Congress instead. Will falsely claims that retaking the Senate will be enough and that a Republican-controlled Congress would turn Obama into a lame duck, a powerless President who will supposedly have no choice but to sign what the Congress sends him.

“If Republicans do, their committee majorities will serve as fine-mesh filters, removing President Obama’s initiatives from the stream of legislation … [A] re-elected Obama — a lame duck at noon next Jan. 20 — would have a substantially reduced capacity to do harm.”

Furthermore, George Will tells us conservatives not to worry, because in four years there will be another Presidential election:

“From Louisiana’s Gov. Bobby Jindal to Wisconsin’s Rep. Paul Ryan, Republicans have a rising generation of potential 2016 candidates. … [T]he presidency is not everything, and there will be another election in the next year divisible by four.”

But Will, as usual, is WRONG, for several factual reasons.

Firstly, it is not true that getting Romney or Santorum elected will be extremely difficult. Both of them are competitive in enough states to win 270 EC votes, and Romney is actually competitive (i.e. leads, is tied with Obama, or trails him by no more than 3 pp)  in enough states to win over 300 EC votes. And by popular vote, Santorum trails Obama only by 3 pp.

Secondly, even if Republicans take the Senate and retain the House, which they very likely will, they will NOT oppose Obama’s agenda; they will continue to surrender to him as they have been for the last 3 years. Republicans slavishly agreed to Obama’s defense cuts of 2009 and 2010, to the New START treaty, and to the Budget Control Act (including the sequester). They blindly and foolishly believed Obama’s promises of nuclear modernization. They voted for the New START treaty despite not seeing the treaty’s negotiating record. They voted to confirm his liberal judicial nominees. They voted to confirm Leon Panetta, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, and other liberal Cabinet appointees of the Obama Admin. Recently, when the Obama Admin admitted that the President is considering cutting the US nuclear arsenal down to 300 nuclear warheads, the most that Republicans could do was to send him a letter begging him not to make these cuts – and only 34 Republicans out of the 250 or so currently serving in Congress signed it.

Thirdly, there are many issues that Congress does not control, ones that are decided by the President alone. For example, the Congress cannot force Obama to release the negotiating record for New START – only Obama can do that. The Congress cannot, short of an explicit statute, prohibit Obama to cut the US nuclear arsenal. The Congress cannot negotiate with foreign countries or force Obama to negotiate hard and effectively with them – that is the responsibility of the President and the agencies subordinated to him. The Congress cannot drop the lawsuits against Arizona, Oklahoma, and Alabama – only the Presidentially-controlled DOJ can do that. The Congress cannot deploy troops to the border – only the President can. The Congress cannot nominate judges – only the President can.

Fourthly, even if Republicans decide to oppose Obama and pass legislation rolling back his policies, he will veto any such legislation. He has already threatened, for example, to veto any legislation that would spare the DOD from the sequester. Similarly, he will, if reelected, veto any legislation that will threaten to undo his policies. Does anyone believe that he will neglect to veto legislation abolishing his socialized medicine scheme, repealing his contraception mandate, opening the ANWR, or reforming tort law? Of course not. He will veto any such bills, and Republicans will certainly not win a veto-proof majority this year.

Yet it is critical to undo all of his socialist policies in the next four years in order to restore the Constitutional Republic that once existed in the land called the USA. For example, if socialized medicine is not repealed within the next four years, it will never be. Recall that, in order to make their bill look deficit-neutral, the Dems structured it to ensure that while the taxes to pay for it kicked in 2010, the goodies won’t kick in until 2014.

Once people are thrown off their employer-provided insurance policies and forced to depend on the federal government, they will fight tooth and nail to protect their “free” healthcare services, just like they fight tooth and nail today to protect entitlement programs. That will ensure that socialized medicine will become a permanent part of the American society, and that there will be little money for everything else, including defense. And starting in 2016, Republicans will be running for office promising to only “modernize” socialized medicine and making it more efficient, just like British and Canadian “conservatives”. And Newt Gingrich will be calling plans to tinker with it “right-wing social engineering”.

If socialized medicine is not repealed within the next 3 years, it will never be,

Fifth, even if Congress, by a huge bipartisan majority, does manage to overturn a presidential veto, or passes legislation by a veto-proof margin, it won’t change anything either, because Obama will simply disregard such legislation and violate the law, as he has repeatedly done already. When the Senate refused to confirm his liberal appointees to the Consumer Protection Bureau and the NLRB, he appointed them illegally, claiming that the Senate was in recess, when it clearly wasn’t. When the Congress, last year, passed legislation prohibiting him to transfer any sensitive missile defense technology or information to Russia, he declared he will not abide by it.

In short, there is NO substitute for winning the White House. Allowing Obama to win another term would be a disaster for the country and a huge national security risk. If Obama wins another term, the country will be changed permanently and the America that we know and love will be gone forever, replaced by the United Socialist States of America.

So why does George Will want Republicans to forfeit this election and surrender 1/3 of the federal government to Obama for another four years?

Because Will is a fan of Obama and his agenda, an ideological liberal, and a card-carrying member of the Washington Establishment. It is his goal to ensure that Obama wins and that Obama’s policies are maintained. He knows that Obama, to preserve these liberal policies and turn the US into the USSA, only needs to win a second term and veto everything Republicans send him. He knows that all that is necessary for his beloved liberal policies to survive is time; specifically, four more years. He knows that by 2016, America will be changed permanently beyond recognition. He knows that THIS ELECTION is Republicans’ last chance to prevent America from being permanently turned into a socialist country.

He knows that. He’s not an intelligent man, but he’s not an idiot either.

And that is why Republicans absolutely must reject his “advice”. Forfeiting the next four years to Obamawould mean forfeiting America forever, because Obama would be able to complete the socialist transformation of the US and to make his policies, including socialized medicine, irreversible. Then, your grandchildren will be lucky to see a free America before they die. This is an all-or-nothing, win-now-or-never election. If Republicans don’t win now, conservative policies will NEVER be enacted.

This is reminiscent of 1864, when, after more than 3 years of a bloody Civil War with no end in sight, many people (the George Wills of the time), including many Republicans, urged Abraham Lincoln to negotiate a peace with the Confederacy and recognize it as an independent country, i.e. accept a permanent breakup of the Union. They thought that after more than 3 fruitless years of the Civil War and so many casualties, with no end in sight and a low chance of success, it was time to end it. Lincoln knew better, however, and he perservered, despite being pressured from all sides, and fought the war to victory. He was vindicated by the Union’s military victories in 1864 and 1865 and by his own landslide electoral victory in 1864.

Republicans are now facing the same situation. Some people, such as George Will, urge them to give up the fight for the White House and content themselves with the Congress. Republicans must refuse to surrender, and must win this election. For the country’s sake. Just like in 1864.


One thought on “Obama fanboy George Will shows his true colors once again”

  1. George Will is intellectually bankrupt, and became a shill for the permanent political class a long time ago. He’s part of the problem, not part of the solution. Re: ““From Louisiana’s Gov. Bobby Jindal to Wisconsin’s Rep. Paul Ryan, Republicans have a rising generation of potential 2016 candidates. … [T]he presidency is not everything, and there will be another election in the next year divisible by four.” Mr. Will should take a remedial course of study in the constitution, for Governor Jindal isn’t eligible for the presidency – he isn’t a natural-born citizen.

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