Reply to Ron Paul’s litany of blatant lies

In response to this litany of blatant lies delivered by Ron Paul on the House floor, I’d like to state the following:

All of Ron Paul’s claims are lies. Military spending and war do not destroy the economy – they help it. And America’s current military spending, in any event, amounts to just 4.51% of America’s GDP. Paul’s claim that the US is an empire islikewise false. As for military interventions, they are sometimes necessary. SOMETIMES, not always, and not most of the time. “The official reasons for war are always based on lies”? Did Madison lie about British offenses against the US in 1812? Did FDR lie about the attack on PH? Did Bush lie about 9/11? Oh wait, Ron Paul is a 9/11 truther who thinks 9/11 was an inside job that the Bush Admin was “gleeful” about. The only one spreading lies is Ron Paul himself. The draft will not be reinstated, because it is politically impossible and militarily unadvisable (75% of American youths are physically unfit for military duty). Christianity teaches Just War, not pacifism. As for the claim that war serves only special interests, that is also a blatant lie. Diplomacy is useless and has failed to prevent wars. It cannot protect America. As for enhanced interrogation techniques, they are necessary to obtain intelligence data to prevent terrorist attacks and they do not constitute torture.

Peace is desirable, but peace will not be achieved by itself and will not keep itself. Someone has to keep the peace – namely, the US. The ONLY way to enjoy peace is to build a strong defense that deters potential aggressors. Ron Paul wants to gut America’s defense, and has repeatedly sponsored and voted for legislation that would do exactly that – which would only bring about war. He’s the real warmonger here.

Ron Paul wrongly blames terrorism on US foreign policy, but that is also wrong. Islamic terrorism was a problem long before the 1979 Iranian revolution. The first large-scale Islamic terrorist attack occurred in 1972 in Munich’s Olympic Village. Islamic jihadism has been a threat since the beginning of Islam, i.e. since the 7th century. The US did not order the Muslims to write the hateful verses of the Quran. But for Ron Paul, Americans travelled back in time to the 7th century and caused the Muslims to write the hateful verses of the Quran.

Ron Paul is a shameless, despicable liar.


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