10 reasons to vote for Romney

It now looks almost certain that Mitt Romney will win the GOP presidential nomination for the 2012 election. That being the case, I’d like to present any Republican, indie, or moderate Democrat who is still unsure whether to vote for Romney, or who is currently refusing to vote for him, with the following 10 reasons to vote for Mitt:

10) He can beat Barack Obama. Polls consistently show him defeating Barack Obama by ever-larger margins. Latest national head-to-head polls show him leading Obama by 4-6 pp. State polls show him competitive in enough states with enough EC votes to win the election. By contrast, Santorum and Paul have led Obama only sporadically, and only by tiny margins with the polls’ own MOE, and Gingrich constantly trails Obama by double-digit (or similar) margins. If a canddiate is not electable, it doesn’t matter how conservative he is, and these three guys are not any more conservative than Romney.

9) He will repeal Obama’s socialized medicine scheme. He has already said he will issue a waiver from it for all 50 states on his first day as President and then proceed to work with the Congress to repeal it fully. He even says that it’s the easiest government program to close (since all Republicans agree on abolishing it). Say what you want to say about state insurance mandates, but there’s one heck of a difference between them and a federal insurance mandate.

8) He will work with the Congress to reform entitlements, which, as he acknowledges, are the real drivers of America’s debt problem. He supports the Ryan Plan and other reforms proposed by Rep. Ryan. It is necessary to have a President who will sign such reforms into law.

7) He will stand by Israel at all times.

6) He will not be bowing to the Saudi King nor to Chinese Communists, unlike Barack Obama.

5) He will advance socially conservative policies. As President, he will have a few ways to do so, such as signing the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act and restoring the Mexico City Policy and the Conscience Protection Policy.

4) He will cut taxes, cut spending, and thus free the economy from the drags it is now suffering.

3) He will put troops, and build a fence, on the southern border, deport illegal immigrants (including those who have stayed in the US for decades), end funding for sanctuary cities, and work with the Congress to mandate E-Verify and make English the official language of the US.

2) He will nominate only strict constructionist judges to federal courts. Remember that during the next Presidential term – whosever term it will be – up to four SCOTUS judges (Ginsburg, Breyer, Kennedy, and Scalia) will retire, thus giving the next President the opportunity to appoint up to 4 SCOTUS judges. Replacing them with conservatives would finally accomplish the conservative counterrevolution on the Supreme Court which Republicans have been tirelessly working to achieve for decades. But if Obama gets another term, he will appoint judges who will completely pervert the Constitution’s meaning, legislate from the bench, and issue opinions rubber-stamping Obama’s socialist policies.

1) He will rebuild America’s defense after years of disastrous cuts, stop sequestration of the defense budget, stop cuts to America’s nuclear deterrent, and possibly also withdraw the US from the disastrous New START treaty.

These would be ten of the many benefits of electing Mitt Romney President. If any other Republican candidate is nominated, Obama will be reelected, and America will become dramatically weaker, less prosperous, and less free as a result.

I hope Republicans choose wisely, nominate Romney, and vote for him during the general election.


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