Ann-Marie Murrell shows her true face

More than two weeks ago, I had a very fierce argument with Ann-Marie Murrell of I would like to present the full facts to you, my Dear Readers, on this subject, so that you will know who Ann-Marie Murrell really is.

Two weeks ago, I saw Murrell praising Jenny-Beth Martin, the leader of the so-called “Tea Party Patriots” (a libertarian, pro-Ron Paul group masquerading as a Tea Party organization), as a “great woman conservative leader” on the Politichicks TV channel (she and her Politichicks colleagues conducted an interview with JBM in their studio) and on her FP profile.

I was outraged, because I know that JBM is a libertarian who supports deep defense cuts, that the TPP support deep defense cuts and isolationism (they demanded that Presidential candidates commit to immediately withdrawing the US from NATO, the UN, and NAFTA), and that JBM has called all Republican candidates “losers” and has said that in a race between Obama and a Republican candidate she wouldn’t know whom to vote for.

So I pointed out these facts, as well as the unavoidable reality that America, the GOP, and the conservative movement cannot have it both ways: either America will deeply cut (and thus gut) its defense (and the conservative movement and the GOP will support such policy), or it will not.

Either the GOP and the conservative movement will go libertarian and thus leftist, and embrace weak-defense and isolationist policies, or they will not.

Either America will recklessly cut its defense and become a military weakling like European countries, or it will not.

I also pointed out that Jenny Beth Martin called ALL Republican Presidential candidates (including Ron Paul) “losers” just two months ago, and that she’s on record as saying that in race between Obama and a Republican candidate she wouldn’t know whom to vote for.

(After all that Obama has done to America, how can any sane American, let alone any conservative, say that if it came down to Obama vs a Republican, she/he wouldn’t know whom to vote for?)

Yet, when I pointed these facts out on her profile, and called her out for lavishing such undeserved praise on JBM, Murrell became very angry with me. She denied that JBM had ever said such things and claimed that Martin had said she would definitely vote for any Republican against Obama. (But Martin said that a month before she said she wouldn’t know whom to choose: Obama or a Republican.)

In other words, America is at a crossroads. It must choose what it wants to have and what to do. It cannot eat a cookie and still have that cookie. It will either deeply cut (and thus gut) its defense or it will not. As Jesus said, a house divided against itself cannot stand.

And just as President Lincoln was right that America could not permanently remain half-slave and half-free, it cannot have it both ways on defense and foreign policy, and neither can the GOP or the conservative movement.

I pointed out these facts out to Murrell on her public profile and took her to task for lavishing undeserved praise on a faux conservative who is sabotaging the Republican cause, and she reacted very angrily by denying that these statements were ever made, falsely claiming that JBM intended to vote for whichever Republican would the nomination against Obama (now it’s clear that this Republican will be Romney) and based that ridiculous claim on an old, outdated statement Martin had made BEFORE she said she wouldn’t know whom to vote for in a race between Obama and a Republican candidate.

Furthermore, she called JBM her friend, and was outraged that I called Martin a disgusting, vile person for supporting deep defense cuts (about which Martin is on record and is not even trying to deny that she supports them).

Moreover, Murrell accused me of destroying the GOP from within and sewing discord and disunity in the Party, as if I were the one trying to divide the GOP, even though I am on record saying that I would support ANY Republican against Obama, while Martin could not commit herself to voting for any Republican, even Ron Paul, against Obama.

Murrell claimed that I’m trying to divide the GOP and that JBM is on our (conservatives’) side and merely disagrees with me on one issue. But Martin is definitely NOT on our (conservatives’) side (or the GOP’s side) and is definitely NOT a conservative. Firstly, if someone supports deep defense cuts, one is NOT a conservative by any definition of the word. Secondly, if someone supports the disastrous policy of deep defense cuts, that person is NOT on our (conservatives’ or the GOP’s) side anymore than someone calling for steep tax hikes or for socialized medicine. If a person is calling for deep defense cuts, he/she is either extremely stupid or a disgusting, evil person – a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If that is the case, that person is my deadly enemy.

And thus, we argued and argued all day, exchanging 4 posts each, until, when confronted with the full facts for the fourth time and proven wrong, Murrell decided to hide from the truth and unfriended me.

So here are the facts:

  • Ann-Marie Murrell lavished undeserved praise on JBM, calling her “a great woman conservative leader” and a friend of hers.
  • JBM is on record calling all Republican candidates “losers”.
  • The last recorded time she was publicly asked whom she would vote for in a contest between Obama and a Republican candidate, she said she wouldn’t know whom to vote for.
  • Her group, TPP, supports (indeed, demands) an immediate US withdrawal from NATO and NAFTA and new isolationism.
  • Martin herself supports deep defense cuts, including, but not limited to, the sequester.
  • The country and the Republican Party must decide whether to deeply cut, and thus gut, America’s defense or not. It’s an either/or choice; one cannot have it both ways.
  • The country ad the Republican Party must decide whether to support isolationism or not.
  • When faced with all of these facts and called to task for lavishing undeserved praise on JBM, Murrell got angry, displayed temper tantrum, and unfriended me in a typically childish manner.

Judge for yourselves, Dear Readers.


4 thoughts on “Ann-Marie Murrell shows her true face”

  1. Interesting. I had a similar experience. I think this chick came late to the party (actually she really did) and doesn’t really know what a conservative is. She did something similar to me when I called her to task for using Hitler in comparison to Obama. Because I disagreed with her on that vile use of the death of 6 million people, I was a “liberal troll.” I am a staunch Republican and was when Ms. Martin was still batting her eyes at Hollywood producers thinking she was star material. She herself was a Democrat and not active in the party by her account until 2008. So now she is telling the rest of us what it means to be conservative? And that Politichicks show? Yikes! If many conservatives saw that mess, they would beg her to leave the party and go back to Nancy, Barack and Harry. She supported them before so it shouldn’t take her long to find those old stripes.

  2. I found this BLOG tonight after getting blocked for leaving ONE comment on a post she made on FB. She actually said during interview of Allen West she was gushing SO bad she had to edit several out… I replied simply “WHY ANN”? He’s not special…oh wait he’s BLACK, and you conservatives are still living in 2008 looking for your “Obama”… 2 hours later she typed a response uttering nonsense like she was responding to another poster about the “enemy” post. She went on to say she had enemies on both sides, and they had commented before, etc.. I typed a response (below) , and for the first time ever, when I hit return…it said I was blocked & the thread no longer exists! I went back over my wall & everything from her is gone – I was completely blocked for ONE SIMPLY COMMENT. I do not think she’s ready for the big show if she’s this sensitive! She must be very insecure of her ability to block a poster for ONE comment…talk about thinned skinned!

    1. There’s one difference, though. You were blocked for a relatively minor offense. I was blocked after a long, nasty quarrel with her.

  3. John C, I’ll have to disagree with you on your criticism of her re Hitler. It is an appropriate analogy, first because Obama is a major supporter of killing babies, both inside and outside the womb (50,000,000 to date); second, because Obama thru his “healthcare” program will be eliminating medical care for the elderly — and of course, those others who are expensive to treat, using a “quality of life” logic (and this is where the Holocaust began, attacking those “lives not worth living”); and third, Obama’s desire for an economic & political dictatorship, clear enough in his programs and appointments.

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