Rebuttal of Joe Biden’s lies about foreign policy

Vice President Joe Biden recently delivered a foreign policy speech in NY. The Obama team is very worried (and rightly so) that Republicans will use their disastrous foreign policy record against them, so they’re desperately defending it with lies while also making up lies about Mitt Romney.

I’ll just use a few issues to illustrate the point: Russia, North Korea, Iran, and the Communists in Latin America.

Biden alleges that the Obama Admin’s reset (read: appeasement) policy towards Russia has been a success, whereas Romney’s tough policy would lead to war and would be a return to Cold War days. But that is a blatant lie.

Firstly, Romney is NOT advocating a return to the Cold War years. He’s merely assessing Russia on the basis of its actual ACTIONS, not Medvedev’s pretty words. And Russia’s actions have been extremely hostile to the US: supplying Syria, Iran, and Venezuela with arms; publicly feting Assad, Ahmadinejad, Khamenei, Chavez, Ortega, the Castro brothers, and Kim Jong Il; building a nuclear reactor in Iran and supplying Iran with tons of nuclear fuel that the IRI is using to build nuclear weapons; shielding Iran, NK, and Syria from sanctions at the UNSC; threatening America’s allies such as Poland with a preemptive nuclear strike; threatening to aim BMs at all European countries if the US provides a BMD shield to Europe; and even bombing the US Embassy in Tbilisi in 2009, a direct terrorist attack against the US for which the Kremlin STILL hasn’t been accountable. (During the Cold War, the Soviet Union never dared to do this.) Russia IS America’s #1 geopolitical foe, as evidenced by its ACTIONS, not its nice words.

Secondly, Romney knows that most of Russia’s top leaders, including Putin and Lavrov, are KGB thugs.

Thirdly, Romney is not proposing to start a war with Russia or even cut off all contacts with it. He merely proposes to act tough with Russia (short of war): hold it accountable for its disastrous human rights record and arms sales to America’s enemies, pressure it morally and economically, pursue missile defense in Europe without regard for Russia’s threats, and withdraw from any treaties unfavorable for the US, including the disastrous New START treaty.

Fourthly, a tough policy of the kind that Romney is advocating is exactly what won, and ended, the Cold War (on America’s terms), thanks to Ronald Reagan, NOT Joe Biden. And as Senator, Biden opposed it (as did Obama). He was dead wrong about Moscow then, and he’s dead wrong about Moscow now. If it had been up to Biden, the USSR would’ve still existed.

As Ronald Reagan showed, if you build up your military and pressure your enemies, you don’t have to go to war, because no one dares to challenge you.

Biden lied in that speech that:

Gov. Romney is mired in a Cold War mindset,” Mr. Biden said. “Gov. Romney was part of a very small group of Cold War holdovers who never met an arms-control treaty that he likes. He was way out of the mainstream in this issue.”

These claims are blatant lies. Romney is not mired in a Cold War mindset, he merely sees Russia for what it really is: an aggressive, anti-American, dictatorial, KGB-run state. The disastrous New START, which Biden was apparently referring to, was opposed by far more people than “a very small group of Cold War holdovers”. It was opposed by 29 Senators (and would’ve been opposed by far more if they hadn’t been bribed by the Obama Administration with mirage promises of nuclear modernization), many experienced arms-control negotiators (including Fred Ikle and John Bolton), and many other Republicans. It is a disastrous treaty that should’ve never been ratified. It was shamefully railroaded by Obama and Harry Reid in the lame duck session of the 111th Congress, the most infamous Congress in history. It was Obama and Biden who were and are out of the mainstream on this treaty.

I will not repeat all of this disastrous treaty’s flaws here. To summarize:

  • It requires America to deeply cut its arsenal of nuclear warheads and their strategic delivery systems, by 170, while not requiring Russia to eliminate a single warhead or delivery system, because Russia was well under the treaty ceiling when it was ratified. In fact, it allows Russia to add such weapons.
  • It does nothing about Russia’s huge arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons, in which it has a huge lead over America.
  • It imposes sweeping restrictions on missile defense. Its preamble says that as Russia’s (and America’s) offensive strategic arsenals are drawn down, America’s missile defense systems must also be cut. The treaty bans the conversion of ICBM siloes and launchers to interceptor missile siloes and launchers, and creates a Bilateral Consultative Commission with powers to impose even more sweeping restrictions.

Russia succeeded in forcing Obama to agree to sweeping missile defense restrictions in return for a useless arms reduction treaty, something that the Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II Administrations never did, even though Moscow strongly pressured them, as revealed by SORT negotiator Douglas Feith.

Indeed, as everyone knows, Gorbachev broke two summits with Reagan when the Gipper refused to give in on SDI. Yet, Reagan held firm. Not so with Obama, who thinks that huge unilateral concessions are the way to placate Moscow. The Kremlin has simply pocketed them and given nothing in return. That is the essence of Obama’s failed “reset” policy, of which Biden was the original author.

It isn’t true that Romney “never met an arms control treaty he liked” – Romney did not, AFAIK, oppose START-1, START-2, the SORT, the NPT, or the INF Treaty – but the Obama team and the leftists who run the State Department have never met an arms control treaty they didn’t like, even if it was deeply unfavorable for the US, like the New START. And that’s the one treaty Romney is on record opposing.

Come to think of it, all the arms control treaties of the world have abysmally failed to stem, let alone prevent, the proliferation of WMDs and ballistic missiles, or of any weapons whatsoever. More than 4 decades of such treaties have utterly failed to stop the proliferation of WMDs (China, North Korea, Pakistan, India, and Israel all possess nuclear weapons and Iran is on its way) or ballistic missiles (30 countries have them). It’s time to say this blunt truth (which the Obama Admin and the arms control community won’t like): that arms control treaties are not even worth the paper they are printed on. They are completely worthless. They only limit free countries’ armaments and militaries while completely failing to restrain rogue states.

Besides Russia and arms control, Obama has also failed on many other fronts. He has completely failed to stop Iran from accelerating its nuclear program (aided by Russia). His sanctions are so weak and contain so many loopholes that they’re laughable. Iran’s words and actions are growing ever more belligerent, the number of spinning centrifuges is growing, and so is Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium. There is only one way to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, and that is to bomb Iran, which Obama, despite his pious promises, has  removed from the table. Obama’s 2009 overture to Iran was greeted with contempt and laughter by Tehran.

On North Korea, he has continued previous Administrations’ policies of appeasement and concessions, which Pyongyang always pockets and then violates its commitments and pursues aggressive actions. Obama’s appeasement policy was not altered even by the sinking of the Korean ship Cheonan, the shelling of South Korean islands by the KPA, or the latest North Korean BM test. After each attack or provocation, Washington’s response has been the same: appeasement and more concessions. (And Obama is a master practitioner of appeasement.) Romney wants to change this.

Obama has also been appeasing Communists and socialists in Latin America: listening to Daniel Ortega curse America, shaking hands with Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez, allowing Cuba to rejoin the OAS, and taking Argentina’s side on the Falklands dispute.

While appeasing America’s enemies, Obama has been knifing America’s allies in the back. Britain’s reward for deploying 10,000 soldiers to Afghanistan and for those guys dying alongside US troops was that the Obama Admin has taken Argentina’s side on the Falklands by calling for negotiations (when there is nothing to negotiate about; the Falklands and their residents are British and it’s a settled issue) and referring to them as the Malvinas. Israel has been castigated for building settlements in Jerusalem and Obama demands that it withdraw to indefensible armistice lines. And on 9/17/2009, the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland, Obama threw that country and the Czech Republic under the bus by cancelling plans to deploy missile defense systems there, replacing them with mirage promises of plans based, as the Defense Science Board and the GAO have repeatedly pointed out, on nonexistent technology that will take a lot of time and money to develop.

And yet, Biden falsely claims that

“I promise you the president has a big stick. I promise you.”

No, Obama has a very tiny stick, as America’s enemies around the world already know. More worryingly, he’s deeply cutting America’s stick with his deep defense cuts: budgetary, programmatic, force-structural, and in the nuclear arsenal. He’s even threatening to veto any attempt to save defense from sequestration!

Obama’s and Biden’s promises are worthless and not credible, as most Americans already know. When Election Day comes, I’m confident they’ll reject Biden’s useless promises and elect Mitt Romney.


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