Who is responsible for sequestration?

Unless the Congress acts and cancels sequestration, it wll hit the defense budget deeply on Jan. 2nd, 2013, cutting an additional $60 bn per year out of it, on top of the $48.7 bn in annual cuts already ordered by the first tier of the debt ceiling deal. If that happens, the US military will be completely gutted. Therefore, it is necessary to ask the question: who is/will be responsible for that?

A lot of people and groups are responsible for that sorry state of affairs, but here’s a partial list:

Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats, who demanded, in negotiations on the debt ceiling deal, that defense be subjected to deep cuts and sequestration be created as a form of blackmail to get Republicans to agree to tax hikes, and who still, to this day, insist on using the sequester as such.

Those Congressional Republicans who voted for the debt ceiling deal (only a few dared to vote against it), thus agreeing to Obama and the Democrats’ unacceptable demands, thus allowing them to take defense hostage and allowing themselves to be blackmailed.

The 12 members of the Super Committee who, faced with a deadline, a sequester threatening to execute the military, and with a mandate to find $120 bn in annual savings in the $3.6 trillion annual federal budget, could not agree on ANY savings, and thus triggered the sequester.

The special interest groups (such as ATR), columnists (such as James Capretta and Larry Kudlow), and extremist politicians (such as Jerrold Nadler) who insisted that no deal was better than a deal they wouldn’t like and who openly wished the Supercommittee failure.

The special interest groups (again, including ATR) who insisted, and continue to insist, that their sacred cows (tax loopholes in ATR’s and similar groups’ case, entitlements in liberal groups’ case) be off the table during any deficit reduction discussions, even though these are the real drivers of America’s deficits and debt and any proposal that doesn’t address them is not serious.

The liberal media (most notoriously, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, the NY Slimes, and the Associated Press) which conducted, and continue to conduct, a despicable smear campaign against the military and the DOD, lying about defense spending and programs, falsely claiming that sequestration would only be a cut in the rate of growth, and that there would be no adverse national security consequences of sequestration.

Those individuals and groups which have pressured, and continue to pressure, the Congress to leave the sequester intact and allow it to whack defense.

These people and groups are responsible for what wiill be the worst national security disaster in US history if sequestration proceeds. They need to be shamed, ostracized, and stripped of any influence on politics.


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