It’s a tough time to be a defense conservative

These days, it’s tough to be a defense conservative.

Congress is debating not whether to strengthen the US military and provide it with everything it needs, and not even whether to cut defense spending or not, but how deeply to cut it. Proposals range from anywhere from $100 bn to $1.087 trillion, including the sequester, or even beyond that, as proposed by Ron Paul. Many Republicans want to retain the sequester and even exceed its cuts, falsely claiming that the sequester’s cuts were “promised to the American people”, even though they were never promised and were never intended to be policy.

Some Congressmen, such as Ed Markey and his fellow liberals like Marcy Kaptur (D’oh… er, D-OH) have introduced legislation that would dramatically and unilaterally cut the US nuclear arsenal and the fleet of delivery systems and PROHIBIT the development of needed new weapon systems such as the Next Generation Bomber.

The media, including the NY Slimes, the WaPo, Politico, the Time magazine, its associated blogs, the DailyCaller, and even Fox News vastly exaggerate America’s defense spending and malign the DOD as a hugely wasteful bureaucracy while being silent on the fact that defense is the #1 Constitutional duty of the federal government, the fact that defense spending is a small share of the total federal budget and of GDP, and the fact that there are huge and growing threats to America. Furthermore, they’re propagating pacifist policies centered on arms reduction, disarmament, and appeasement. They are also lying about sequestration and citing rigged NPR/CPI polls on defense spending, and misleading Americans into believing that sequestration of defense spending would bring about no adverse consequences.

Many Republican politicians and grassroots activists insist that sequestration of defense spending be carried out, regardless of its consequences for national security, and that other government programs, including domestic discretionary spending and entitlements, be protected from serious cuts, because defense is politically the easiest target to cut. They furthermore falsely claim that not carrying out the butchery that sequestration would be would amount to failing to cut the deficit and failing to show a commitment to reduce the public debt – as if sequestration was the only means to achieve this.

The Congress remains deadlocked on how to resolve the problem of sequestration, and the two parties cannot come to any agreement on the issue, while President Obama threatens to veto any agreement that doesn’t contain massive tax hikes.

Many leftist libertarians – some of whom have infiltrated the GOP – are trying to remold the GOP into a second anti-defense party, an isolationist organization trotting the Ron Paul line. They are also trying to redefine conservatism from a philosophy requiring a strong national defense (and robust funding for it) into an ideology demanding deep defense cuts. They are, furthermore, trying to get the GOP and the American public at large to endorse an isolationist “hear no evil, see no evil” foreign policy.

We defense conservatives are routinely insulted, falsely labeled as neocons, warmongers, and Big Government liberals, and denied the recognition of our status as conservatives, even though virtually every defense conservative is also conservative on fiscal and limited government issues.

“Conservative” groups, publications, activists, and politicians, when speaking about conservative philosophy, principles, and policies, and the conservative movement, routinely omit any mention of defense issues or of foreign policy, either because they themselves view defense as just another Big Government program or because they are afraid to offend libertarians.

We defense conservatives are frequently  denied any influence over the GOP and any seat at the negotiating table.

It’s a tough time to be a defense conservative. It’s the worst possible time to be one.

But nonetheless, I am a defense conservative, because I unreservedly believe in a strong defense and adamantly oppose any defense cuts.

And today, Dear Readers, I ask you to stand with me.


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