Advice for the Fight4America PAC

A pro-defense Super PAC called Fight4America has recently been formed. The purpose of this Super PAC is to advocate for a strong national defense and against defense cuts, and to inform the public on thie risks and consequences of such foolish cuts.

The Board of the PAC is composed mostly of military veterans (including former House Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan L. Hunter, R-CA), but it also includes Ed Rollins, a longtime advisor of the late President Ronald Reagan who served, inter alia, as the National Chairman of Reagan’s landslide 1984 reelection campaign.

Their cause is a good one, and it’s nobel. Providing for the common defense is the #1 Constitutional duty of the federal government. So as the Fight4America PAC campaigns for it, I’d like to offer it a few pieces of advice as a defense analyst:

1) Target swing states first and foremost. Most people in conservative states like Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama already understand why a strong defense is necessary. But most people in other states don’t – because no one has told them. Unfortunately, most people living in states like NY and MA are strident liberals and they can never be swayed to the cause. So instead of wasting its time and money there, the PAC should target swing states such as FL, NC, VA, OH, NH, IA, CO, NV, and NM. It needs to tell the people of these states why a strong defense is necessary, why should it be the Nation’s #1 priority, and what the consequences of neglect would be. Most of these people, if given the facts and spoken to using reasonable arguments, will agree, they just need to be shown the light.

2) Inform the American people:

a) Why a strong defense is necessary: because peace won’t keep itself and has to be kept by someone (read: a strong US military); that without military strength, there can be no peace; that the world is dangerous (especially now, with Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran being the biggest threats to the US) and therefore, the US needs a strong military to protect itself; that isolationism won’t work and threats to America’s key allies are also threats to America itself; and that there is no one else who can protect America.

b) Why a strong defense should be the Nation’s #1 priority and why federal budgets should reflect such satus: that it is ordained the Nation’s highest priority by the Constitution, that most of America’s Founding Fathers wanted it to be (remember to use quotes from George Washington, John Adams, and James Madison); that the world is dangerous; that if America is not kept secure, nothing else, including the economy and our liberties, will matter; and that without a strong military, the country won’t have a strong economy as there will be no one to effectively protect it.

c) What is needed to protect America: an adequate core defense budget (ca. $540-550 bn per year); a large, advanced, survivable fighter fleet; a large nuclear arsenal deployed on a large, survivable nuclear triad; robust missile defense systems; a large, survivable, diverse navy consisting of large numbers of submarines, surface combatants, minesweepers, supply ships, amphibs, carriers, and littoral ships; a large and modern Army; and an adequately-sized, superbly equipped Marine Corps ready to react to aggression anywhere, anytime, and to win battles in the air, on land, and at sea.

d) That this cannot be done on the cheap and that European nations have tried “defense on the cheap” and have utterly failed, becoming totally dependent on the US for their security.

e) That despite the barrage of anti-defense propaganda that the American people have been bombarded with for decades, there is far left waste in the defense budget than is often alleged; that many of the so-called wasteful projects are in fact needed defense programs; that the budget cuts the DOD is mandated to make ($487 bn, or $1.087 bn if the sequester kicks in, over a decade), are far larger than the scope of waste in the DOD and therefore most of these cuts will have to be cuts in military capabilities; that waste in the defense budget is no excuse for deep defense spending cuts; and that the only way to eliminate waste in it is to eliminate waste instead of indulging in across-the-board defense cuts;

f) That the deficit cannot be eliminated on the backs of America’s troops; that even if the total military budget (which constitutes just 19% of total federal spending) were to be eliminated, there would’ve still been a huge annual budget deficit; that deep defense cuts would be penny-wise and pound-foolish because they would make America much weaker and thus bring about a war provoked by weakness which would have to be won at a huge cost in American blood and treasure; and that defense has already contributed $920 bn in savings since 2009.

The American people have been bombarded with completely false anti-defense smears and propaganda for over 50 years. But I’m confident that most Americans will agree that defense should be protected from further cuts, and that it needs to be strengthened (and at the same time, reformed) if they hear the above facts. We should not expect them to learn these facts on their own, because the liberal media will certainly inform them of these facts.


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