A very sad Fourth of July

Today is America’s 236th birthday. Celebrations will, of course, occur from Maine to California, and rightly so. But I don’t want to celebrate, because I don’t think there is much to celebrate or be joyful about today.

America was born as an indepedent country in response to the British Crown’s repeated, grave violations of the colonists’ liberties: onerous taxation without representation, quartering soldiers in people’s homes, etc. After separating from Britain, the colonists, led by the Founding Fathers, established a Republic with a limited Federal Government – limited by the Constitution to a short list of activities. Anything not authorized to the federal government was off-limits to it.

But this is history. America is no longer the land of the free. It has been transformed into just another Western European style social democracy.

The SCOTUS has just confirmed in its ruling that there are no limits on the Federal Government, that it may do anything it wants to and call it a “tax”.

The Federal Government meddles with everything – from education, to student loans, to highway construction, to the agricultural industry, to energy, to housing and urban development, to welfare. This meddling has brought about record budget deficit and a public debt approaching 100% of GDP.

And thanks to these programs, a large percentage of Americans, if not the majority, are now dependent on the federal government and its handouts for a living. Once provided, these giveaways become “rights”, and anyone who suggests eliminating or trimming them is denounced as “mean” and “heartless”. There is an entire dependency class in America.

Many societal problems that were virtually unknown before the 1960s now plague America: a dysfunctional educational system, teenage pregnancies, high crime rates, etc.

And worst of all, America’s defense – the only thing that can protect Americans’ liberties from external enemies (and there are plenty of them) – is being cut and on schedule to be completely gutted with deep, draconian, disproportionate cuts, including sequestration.

It wasn’t the pretty words in the Declaration of Independence that secured America as an independent country. It was the Continental Army and Navy. Yet, the vast majority of today’s politicians and a large minority, if not majority, of ordinary Americans are completely ignorant of, or are deliberately ignoring, this fact, and are quite happy to gut defense.

Happy Fourth of July, folks. If you can be happy today. I cannot. Not any longer.

To all those who, like me, want to restore the Constitutional Republic that the Framers founded, I say, let us pledge this to each other:

That by the next Fourth of July, the entire Obamacare scheme will be completely repealed by a Republican President and a Republican-controlled Congress.

That by the next Fourth of July, the threat of sequestration will be dealt with permanently.

That by the next Fourth of July, the Ryan Plan is passed and real cuts are made in federal spending.

That by the next Fourth of July, the Keystone Pipeline is authorized and America’s vast oil and natural resources will be unlocked.

That by the next Fourth of July, Obama will be a former President.


One thought on “A very sad Fourth of July”

  1. Well-said, Zbigniew; my mood was subdued today as well. Now that Obamacare has been upheld, we’re crossed the Rubicon and become a socialist nation. That is nothing to celebate. I flew the flag but not in honor of today’s America, but in honor of the United States our nation once was and may be again.

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