Outrageous: Robert George defends the diabolical procedure known as “circumcision”

German law prohibits one person from inflicting “bodily harm” upon another. A German federal court in Cologne has recently ruled that this prohibition also covers circumcision.

Yet, Catholic blogger Robert George claims that this ruling is “outrageous”:

“What the Cologne court has done is outrageous.  It is an outrageous assault on the religious liberty and the rights of conscience of Jews (and Muslims, by the way—the actual case in the Cologne court happened to concern Muslim parents who for religious reasons sought the circumcision of their son).”

No, it is not “outrageous”, it is just. It is precisely the right thing to do. This is not an assault on anyone’s religious liberty nor the rights of conscience. These rights and liberties are not absolute, and – at least under German law – do not extend to being allowed to mutilate someone else’s body – let alone that of a little, defenseless child. (Properly interpreted, the US Constitution does not give such liberty to anyone, either, but that’s a different story.)

As German law makes clear, inflicting bodily harm on anyone else is prohibited without exceptions. There is no exception for religious reasons or “the right of conscience”.

Likewise, there is no right for anyone – whether in Germany or the US – to cruelly kill awake animals in the kosher/halal manner. Like circumcision, this is a matter of unimaginable barbarity, not religious liberty.

Under German law, you have the right to profess any religion, but no right to impose your religion’s customs or “laws” on anyone else, including your child. Your liberty is limited to yourself. You have no right to mutilate anyone’s body. And in Germany, as well as the vast majority of other countries, secular (Constitutional and criminal) law overrides religious law – Christian, Jewish, and Muslim. It doesn’t matter one iota what Jewish or Muslim law says. Germany is a secular country and German law trumps religious law.

And George is a very ignorant Catholic, indeed, a pseudo-Catholic. If he were a GENUINE believing Catholic, he would not have stated the garbage he has written, and he would’ve known that circumcision 1) is no longer required, and 2) is completely useless in God’s eyes and does not affect in the slightest whether the person being circumcised will be salvated or not, as proven by Apostle Paul (himself a Jew) in Romans 4:9-12 and Galatians 5:1-6. In fact, in the latter Epistle, Paul even says that if you get circumcised, “Christ will be useless to you”, and that “in Jesus Christ neither circumcision nor the lack thereof is relevant, only faith, which works out of love.”

And he would’ve heeded the teaching of Pope Pius XII, who has stated that any bodily mutilation or surgery which is not medically necessary is a grave sin. This covers circumcision as well, since it is not medically necessary. Thus, rather than being a believing Christian and Catholic, George is actually a heretic spreading lies that are completely contrary to God’s word contained in the New Testament. Worse still, he’s spreading those lies to defend barbaric Muslims.

Circumcision IS a form of child abuse (which is punishable under German law), because it not only mutilates a child’s body, it inflicts severe pain on it and greatly decreases sexual pleasure (it removes the foreskin and with it, a lot of nerves, which results in a great decrease in the sexual pleasure felt by the circumcised men). It can also lead to severe blood loss, blood contamination, and, in some cases, to death (which has happened a number of times).

George’s claim that Jews need to circumcise their sons because of “their obligation to fulfill their duties under their covenant with the divine Creator and Ruler of the universe” is also false. As stated above, God does NOT require anyone to circumcise their sons. Not any longer. Whatever Moses might’ve stated on the subject in his Mosaic Law was rendered null, void, and irrelevant by Jesus Christ and the Apostles in the 1st century AD. As already stated, circumcision is completely useless and worthless in God’s eyes. It does not lead to salvation.

If God wanted us men not to have foreskins, He would’ve created us without them.

George also lied when he claimed that “To prohibit it is, in effect, to forbid Jews from being Jews.” No, it isn’t. There are other ways to welcome a child into a religious community – as many Jews who do NOT practice circumcision have proven (e.g. Brit Milah). In fact, these Jews are ahead of the curve.

There can be no justification – legal, religious, or otherwise – for mutilating a child’s body and removing a healthy organ from it. In Germany, it is a punishable offense. As it should be. I hope the German Federal Penal Code will actually be STIFFENED in that regard.


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