What to do about Russia and China

As everyone should know by now, the Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress are busy unilaterally cutting (and gutting) America’s defense through deep budget cuts, sequestration, unilateral nuclear and conventional arsenal cuts, cancellation of weapon tests, cancellation of missile defense programs, and other means. At the same time, they’re appeasing Russia and China, making one unilateral concession after another, honoring their leaders, agreeing to treaties unfavorable to the US, and denying that these countries are threats to America.

And that foreign policy is an utter failure.

Cutting America’s defense guarantees aggression against the US and its allies. It jeopardizes America and guarantees that someone will attack it and its allies.

Currently (as of 7/7/2012), Russia and China are conducting a huge military buildup and are behaving aggressively against, and bullying, America and its allies. Since 2007 alone, Russia has threatened to use nuclear weapons against America or its allies 15 times. It is therefore clear that Obama’s twin foreign policy of appeasement and unilateral disarmament is an utter failure and must be ended. The following foreign policy shall be instituted as a replacement and followed at all times:

The US must, at all times, have the strongest military in the world, far stronger than Russia’s or China’s, and must never cut its defense. It should also be tough with Russia and China (but not start or provoke any wars with them, nor be overly belligerent towards them), while giving them incentives to change their behavior. It IS possible to strike a balance between being tough with them and starting/provoking a war with them.

Such a policy will keep America both at peace and secure by preventing aggression and even coercion against America and its allies. It will also keep America safe and defend it in case potential aggressors cannot be deterred.

It will also enable America to maintain stable, good relations with these countries while being under the guard of a strong US military, in addition to keeping it at peace and secure. That’s three benefits at the same time!

That’s because a strong military deters aggression and coercion (blackmail), and because no potential aggressor in his right mind would dare to attack or blackmail someone stronger than he is, because he knows he would be swiftly defeated if he tried to. If an aggressor is irrational and cannot be deterred, he can be swiftly defeated by a large and strong standing military.

The American people want peace, but they also want to be secure. Therefore, it is necessary to chart the course for a policy that can achieve both goals. The above principles do chart such a course.

They are the ONLY principles which can achieve that goal. Peace can be kept ONLY through strength.

Peace through strength, contrary to what the Wikipedia entry on the subject says, is more than a slogan. It’s a policy that has been proven to work everytime it was tried.


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