Media Matters likes to attack conservative news anchors

The George-Soros-funded group Media Matters (which apparently considers its #1 job to be attacking Fox News), as one would expect, likes to attack conservative anchors. But what is surprising is that it likes to criticize the Fox News Channel’s conservative anchors for… being conservatives.

A case study is the way they continually criticize America’s News Live anchor Martha MacCallum for suggesting or advocating (she does not always openly advocate them) conservative positions on issues such as Social Security reform, the budget deficit, and the debt ceiling. Here’s a sample of their criticism; they claim she “regularly advocates GOP positions.”


Martha MacCallum is a conservative. She has made no secret of her conservative views. To criticize her for stating them and being a rightwinger is like bashing Mary Cheney for being a lesbian. It’s not news. It’s a well-known fact. Nobody should be surprised by this.

And many of her statements that they claim as evidence of partisan bias are actually factually-correct statements. It’s a reality that people’s longevity has significantly increased since the 1930s and the US will now have to raise the retirement age (as will other countries). It’s a demographic reality. Disputing it is like disputing the fact that 2+2=4. America’s budget deficit is huge and spending will have to be cut, yet, the Congress continues to behave like a drunken sailor. Etc. If Media Matters folks bothered to pay attention to her and other FNC anchors, they’d hear a lot of accurate information.

Of course, Media Matters never mentions the irredeemable, extreme bias of liberal news networks such as MSNBC, NBC, CNN, and CBS and their anchors and hosts such as Lawrence O’Donnell, Keith Olbermann, Carol Costello, Soledad O’Brien, and George Stephanapoulos. But those four national liberal TV networks and their dozens of irredeemably biased liberal anchors and hosts are of no concern to MM; they’re upset by one outspoken conservative anchor on Fox News (and her FNC colleagues, many of whom, like Megyn Kelly and Monica Crowley, are also outspoken conservatives).

Hypocrisy, anyone? 🙂

One thought on “Media Matters likes to attack conservative news anchors”

  1. The difference between Fox and CNN or CBS, or MSNBC is in the manner of delivering the message. Fox and its anchors and show folks (e.g. the likes of Shawn Hannity) seem to be full of hatred and bigotry. Fox ignites hatred, and extreme hostility and adds fuel to the polar-ism that has come to exist in the U.S.

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