It’s official: John Hawkins is an anti-defense liberal, not a conservative

For years, oversized blogger John Hawkins of “” has been pretending to be a conservative, and many people believed him.

But this week, he finally dropped the conservative mask and revealed who he really is: just another anti-defense liberal masquerading to be a conservative. He wrote a garbage blogpost endorsing Sen. Rand Paul’s libertarian anti-defense views and Paul’s call on the Congress to retain the $600-$700 bn in defense cuts scheduled to begin next January.

That blogpost is, of course, garbage, which only proves that he’s an anti-defense liberal and not a conservative or a right-winger.

Firstly, the cuts that the sequester would make would be DISASTROUS for the military and for national security, as agreed by lawmakers, officials, and outside experts from the moderate left to the right. Only those on the fringes disagree.

NOTHING that would gut America’s defense. Yet, this is exactly what you are calling on the Congress to do by calling for sequestration to proceed.

Secondly, the defense budget has already been subjected for deep cuts even w/out sequestration. The First Tier of the BCA mandates $487 bn cuts to the defense budget starting this October, which means real cuts in the size of the defense budget. Before that, over 50 crucial weapon systems were killed, the New START treaty was passed, and Secretary Gates designed $178 bn in efficiencies. These cuts, combined with those mandated by the First Tier of the BCA but excluding New START, add up to $920 bn – almost a trillion dollars. This is the DOD’s contribution to deficit reduction.

Since 2009, the DOD has contributed far more to deficit reduction than any other government program or agency. Most of them have not contributed ANYTHING WHATSOEVER.

Cutting defense equally with all other government programs without any prioritization and without looking at what you’re cutting is the dumbest way to budget. And it is NOT fiscally responsible. A truly responsible, CONSERVATIVE approach would be to prioritize federal spending according to the principles set by the Constitution: fully fund Constitutional priorities (including defense), and cut back on all nonpriority programs. That’s what a true conservative would do.

If America cannot afford to pay for its own defense, that means America can no longer afford to pay for anything. Which means that if defense is to be cut, everything else should be cut even DEEPER, because according to the Constitution, defense is to be the federal government’s #1 priority.

If the goal here is to punish Republicans, then REPUBLICANS, not the US military, should be punished. Denying our brave troops the pay, healthcare services, equipment, training, and quality base infrastructure and housing they deserve is unjust, dumb, and treasonous. Yes, I dare call it treason.

As for Sen. Rand Paul, who is evidently pandering to his father’s loony supporters (I guess he has to repair his credentials with them after endorsing Mitt Romney), he’s also completely wrong. Firstly, as stated above, the defense budget topline will be smaller even WITHOUT sequestration. But with sequestration, it will be way too small. Secondly, contrary to Paul’s claims, one does not have to cut the defense topline – and certainly not by $100 bn per year – to make efficiencies and savings. Ronald Reagan made them while increasing the overall size of the defense budget. Thirdly, liberals will never agree to any significant cuts in domestic spending, even with massive defense cuts (for proof, see sequestration). And making a “compromise” with liberals that entails deep defense cuts is absolutely unacceptable.

But thanks, Mr Hawkins, for proving to the whole world, that you are both an idiot and a strident anti-defense liberal! You are not a conservative (nor a right-winger) and you never were. You are just another anti-defense leftist pretending to be a conservative.


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